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Get More Clients from Your Content – Part 6

For part 6 of the 7-day system to get more clients from your content, we’re going to focus on visibility – a major dose of it. I’m sure you’ve heard that factoid floating around – a person needs to see you + your stuff 7 times before being primed to buy. 

We’re going to craft your visibility blitz plan for the next 2 days. 

About this Series

This is a 7-part series that’ll take you through the steps of gaining at least 1 client in as little as 7 days. It does take work – but these things should. So if you’ve been struggling to get new clients (or your first client), this series is for YOU!

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Step One – Choosing 2 Platforms

Choose 2 platforms to focus on: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn. You could choose more but we’re going to be REALLY active on these over the next couple of days so it’s a better an idea to focus on a couple.

Why isn’t Pinterest an option? Pinterest is my favourite platform but for a short-term blitz, it’s important to choose a platform that is built for direct engagement – you connecting with someone 1:1. You can definitely do that on Pinterest but it isn’t common and it’s probably less likely that someone will respond to you if you do.

Step Two – Creating Your Plan

Over the next two days, here are your action items for each of your chosen platforms:

Daily Action 1: Post about your discovery calls

On your profile or in a group (where you have permission), post a link to your discovery call booking form. Use your discovery call promo that you created in part 2 (see here)

Daily Action 2: Share 5 helpful resources

Create a list of free resources that relate to what you sell (some of these your own and others from non-competing sources). Post 5 of these a day over the next couple of days.

Here are some ideas of what these resources can be:

  • short tips that you’ve created
  • a motivational image
  • a story of someone you’ve helped or your own story (make sure to include the ‘how’
  • the results, and the lesson for someone reading it)
  • links to blog posts, videos, podcast episodes
  • relevant tools or software
  • cheat sheet or quickie tutorial
  • a did you know fact

Here’s how to share them based on your chosen platform:

  • Facebook – in groups, on your page
  • LinkedIn – in groups, on your feed
  • Twitter – on your feed
  • Instagram – on your feed, your followers, people you follow, hashtag feeds

Daily Action 3: Connect directly with 10 people

This is probably the most important out of the three daily actions but connect with 10 different people directly. That means 40 people over the next couple of days.

This type of outreach is one of the best ways to get started in business and take your business to the next level and the formula for doing it (without feeling cheesy or spammy) is as simple as taking a drink order from someone – they’re going to tell you exactly what they want.

Here’s how to do it:

Search your platforms for someone asking a question or expressing a frustration about something that you’re an expert in (and coincidentally relates to your paid offer). You’re going to solve their problem or point them in the right direction for FREE. That’s it, you’re done like the Internet Superhero you are! Move onto the next person needing your help and when you’ve finished 10 per platform, feel free to take off the cape and put your feet up.

Here’s how to share them based on your chosen platform:

  • Facebook – search for keywords in groups you’re a part of
  • LinkedIn – search for keywords in groups you’re a part of, read your feed of connections
  • Twitter – search your feed, twitter lists, search hashtags
  • Instagram – search your feed, view your followers, search hashtags

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