What if you could sell your offers in a generous and no-brainer kinda way?

(While engaging and building your audience at the same time) 

The Profitable Content Campaign Generator helps you sell your offers in a way that puts service and generosity first.

It walks you through a proven step-by-step process and includes resources + forms that help you draft the content you need for your next content campaign right then and there.

Selling this way makes your offers a no-brainer, helps you engage with your audience and grows it at the same time.

It's the win-win way of business.

TRUTH – selling doesn't come natural to everyone (in fact it doesn't even come natural to me after selling over $1 million in my business)

This is the selling solution for any who…

  • Feels weird about selling their offers or not being sure how to do it in a way that doesn't feel pushy or authentic – this is service-first way of selling that feels great for all involved
  • Feels like they have to choose between building a highly engaged audience and selling to them – this system allows you to do both
  • Feels overwhelmed by the amount of content that needs to written, created and scheduled in order to run a launch or promotion – this helps you generate the content you need with ease and confidence

This is the exact process I've been using for years to sell my offers – from my 1-1 services, to my signature course, events, masterminds and small products too. I keep coming back to it because of how well it works. But it's also more than that, I keep using this process because it lets me give generously through my content while selling at the same time.


The Profitable Content Campaign Generator

  • A step-by-step process to help you position your offers and create an entire campaign based around a compelling and cohesive message
  • A promo copy generator (think sales pages, sales emails, social media copy) so that you're never at a loss for words over what to say when telling people about your offer
  • Daily action plans for each phase of the campaign so that you're never stuck wondering what you should be doing
  • Lifetime access so that you can use this again and again with multiple offers to make sales and grow a targeted audience at the same time

Ready to Generate More Sales?

Creating content is now planned, strategic, organized, and yes, easy.

“I was completely lost when it came to my content and how to make it work for me. Seriously, not even the crickets would show up! Thanks to Hailey, I went from a designer wondering where all my people were, to creating targeted content that not only attracts but shows my audience that I’m the expert and go to person! Creating content is now planned, strategic, organized, and yes, easy.”

Yasmine Robles, Robles Design

I'd recommend this for any online business owner who isn't seeing the traction they want for their business

“I can see major improvement in the way I can now create a content plan that makes sense and then implement it instead of being all over the place with new ideas. I've also seen major results in my conversion rates for my program with Hailey's launch content help. I would recommand it to someone who knows that content is the real deal but needs help to create content that actually sells and not just entertain the customers.”

Jessica Roy, Yoga Pour La Fibromyalgie

Ready to Generate More Sales?

Meet Your New Content Strategy Partner

Hailey Dale, Founder + Chief Content Officer at Your Content Empire

With a master’s degree in communications and 13 years under my belt working with very large to itty-bitty businesses to grow their revenues through content, I know it’s essential to be both strategic and creative if you’re going to cut through the noise.

The results I’ve gotten for my clients speak for themselves and today I combine my hands-on experience having built and consulted on 100+ sales funnels through my agency and share all the deets of what’s working right now through my signature program, Your Content, Your Empire.

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