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Get More Clients from Your Content – Part 3

Part 3 of the 7-day system is all about outreach. Today you’ll be implementing a system to start tracking your potential customers and sending an email to your list about your irresistible offer. Read below for the full 411 and get the free tracker template.

About this Series:

This is a 7-part series that’ll take you through the steps of gaining at least 1 client in as little as 7 days. It does take work – but these things should. So if you’ve been struggling to get new clients (or your first client), this series is for YOU!

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Tracking Your Potential Customers:

Denise Duffield-Thomas teaches that you should track every little bit of money that comes to you, so you start becoming more mindful and wealth-conscious (read her post and get the daily tracker here).

The same practice can be (and should be) applied to potential customers (or leads, or prospects or connections – whatever you want to call them). Here are some reasons why…

  1. Helps you become more connection conscious (You probably have far more potential customers around you than you’re aware)
  2. Helps you nurture potential customers and pay attention to their needs
  3. Helps you keep track of where you need to follow up on a consistent schedule

Freebie | Client Tracker Template

Here’s how to start today:

  1. Download the worksheet and write down
    1. Anyone who’s inquired about your services in the past 30 days (give or take)
    2. Anyone who you’ve helped 1:1 in the past 30 days
    3. Past customers who might be interested in your offer
  2. For each of these connections, fill out the first 3 columns (name, date of touch point 1, about them)
  3. Next brainstorm how you can get in touch with them and provide more value (other thoughts on their business, questions they’ve asked, freebies you have, article you read, a beneficial connection who you’d like to introduce them to, anything that would add value to their situation)
  4. Gather your valuable freebies/advice/articles and go through the list to get in touch with each person one by one
  5. As you move forward through the 7 days (and beyond, if you’d like to continue benefiting from a connection-consciousness), keep adding new potential customers to this list and following up on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis.

Send an email to your list about your awesome offer

There’s one more step to day 3 and that’s to send an email to your list and let them know about your offer. Remember that delectable Awesome Offer Docket you created on day one, now’s the time to dig that out so you can make this offer email irresistible.

  • The name
  • What’s in it for them
  • How it works/what’s included
  • Call to action
  • Success example to seal the deal
  • Call to action (invite them to work with you)

Take Action Now!

Download the Client Tracker Template below to start tracking your potential customers

Freebie | Client Tracker Template

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