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How to Message Your Service-Based Offer: Get More Clients

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How to Message Your Service-Based Offer: Get More Clients

I ran an experiment with a few of my service-based clients: How can we use content in 7 days or less to get them more clients (at least 1) for their service based offers. What I loved about this experiment is that it’s super measurable – 7 days + At least 1 client. It’s very easy to tell if we’ve succeeded or not. And I wanted to share the results with you and details on how you can replicate this experiment for your own awesome offer. 

But what I loved most? The process worked exactly as it should in every single case so far…

Client A: 2 new clients

Client B: 1 new client (even though her sales cycle is usually super long)

Client C: 2 new clients and she had to turn another 1 away because she was at capacity

The complaint I get the most is that people think it takes forever for content to start “working” (meaning that their efforts start bringing them real business and sales). So I wanted to come up with a 7-Step System to get you clients right away from your content. And I was blown away by the results my clients experienced. (Important to note though – they did the work and really showed up in implementing these steps. If you aren’t willing to do the work, don’t expect the steps to work!)

I’m so excited for the chance to share these steps with you through these series and to see your results! I’ll be covering 1 step per post, but if you follow along and implement these steps, I have no doubt you’ll see results too.

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About this Series 

This is a 7-part series that’ll take you through the steps of gaining at least 1 client in as little as 7 days. It does take work – but these things should. So if you’ve been struggling to get new clients (or your first client), this series is for YOU!

Let’s Get Started – Finding Everything That’s Awesome About Your Offer

You’ve probably already spent a ton of time coming up with your offers – the package details, who they’re for and how you’re delivering them. But I think (as with most things) it makes sense to start at the beginning (what you’re selling) and find the awesome in your offers so we can position them as the brilliant solutions they are.

Step 1 – Choose 1 service offering to work on for this process

We want to pick one service to focus on for this first experiment. Mostly because it’s a bit of work and spreading your efforts could be overwhelming, but also because sending too many messages at the same time on your content channels will dilute all of your messages.

Better to focus on one thing with one main call-to-action. Don’t overwhelm your readers with too many choices. That’s not a nice thing to do (even if your intentions are good)! Once you’ve picked your one service, you’re ready to drill down on it. 

Step 2 – List at least 5 reasons why this offer is so dang awesome

We already know your offer is the crème de la crème. But what are the individual reasons that mix all together to make it so great?

  • Think of any unique features, processes, ways it’s delivered, extras
  • Consider any benefits
  • What is it about your experience that makes you the perfect person to help them get to where they want to be?
  • Think about things people have said about your offer (major hints!)
  • Finish this sentence: “The offer is a great bang for your buck because….”

Step 3 – How can you make your offer EVEN sweeter? Any time-sensitive bonuses or deals you can add?

Your offer is enough, but everyone likes to feel like they’re getting something special. So up the dosage of special in your already oh-so-special offer.

Step 4 – Map out the sales process of this offer

How does the sales process for this offer go? When someone sends you an inquiry – what are the next steps? Do they want to talk to you before paying to work with you? Have a discovery call? Fill out a form? Pay now? Go to an online calendar to schedule an appointment? Map it out.

Step 5 – Pull together your success stories (testimonials, case studies, visual examples, stories)

If you don’t have any success stories for this particular offer, do you have any for similar offers that you can use as general testimonials for your work? Can you ask any mentors or people from whom you’ve done free work? Or can you do 2-3 free mini sessions to get feedback and testimonials from people quickly? Social proof is what cinches the deal in most cases – so lavish it on!

Step 6 – Pull together Your Awesome Offer Docket

To wrap up, put a folder together with all of these pieces and any visuals you have for the offer so you can grab these pieces, as needed in the future steps (and just in general)!

Congrats on Finishing Part 1!

You’ve now packaged your offer into something your potential clients won’t be able to resist. Congrats on completing the first of this 7-part series! 

Need some extra support with this process? Click on the image below to get the step 1 workbook and to be notified when the next steps are released.

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