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The Value Blitz Campaign Method to Book Out Your Services: Get More Clients

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Welcome back to this 7-part series that’ll take you through the steps of gaining at least 1 client in as little as 7 days. So if you’ve been struggling to get new clients (or your first client), this series is for YOU! And in this blog post, I'm teaching you my value blitz campaign method to leverage social media to book out your services!

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Let’s Get Started—Telling People About Your Signature Service

Part 4 of this 7-Part System is all about generating buzz and letting people know about your services. The last thing you want to be is a best-kept secret and this value blitz campaign is going to get you out there in a big way that doesn’t feel salesy or spammy. 

You’ll be running this campaign for 4 days so make sure to add time in your calendar to follow through (cause learning is great and all, but it means nothing if you’re not taking action)!

Make sure to download the Value Blitz Campaign Checklist below:

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Step 1: The Value Blitz Campaign Strategy

The strategy behind this Value Blitz campaign is to make sure people see your posts. So we’re going to come up with 10 value posts and post them in 5 spots over 4 days. 

The first part of this process is to create your strategy. And it’s pretty simple, choose 5 places where you’ll post your value messages. 

Here are some suggestions of places to post: 

  • 3rd Party Facebook Group where you’re active
  • Facebook Page
  • Instagram Feed
  • Instagram Story
  • Twitter (if you already get engagement there)

I recommend making 3-4 of your “spots” 3rd party Facebook groups and optimizing your personal Facebook profile so that any traction you do get in these groups leads to people checking out your website. To optimize your personal profile, update your profile picture, claim your business so that it shows you work there, update your bio to include what you do and link to your website and Instagram account. 

When I was just getting started in services, I met at least half of my clients in Facebook groups so I know how powerful they can be – especially when you’re just starting out. I can’t think of a better place to meet and interact with new people and give free help and support in your zone of genius.

We’ll be posting your messages on a rotating schedule. But for now, just name and claim those 5 spots you’ll be using for this campaign. 

Take Action: Choose your 5 spots where you’ll be posting for your value blitz campaign.

Step 2: Craft Your Campaign Messages

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The first step is to create 8 social media messages that you can use to provide mega value to potential customers and sell without selling.

Here’s how to do it:

Brainstorm topics for your posts.

  1. In your offer, what are the main topics that you cover? So in my offer, Your Profitable Funnel, we cover the freebie to help our clients attract dream come true clients and customers, the follow-up email sequence to woo and convert those subscribers and a traffic strategy to help them bring more people into their funnel. So each of these subparts of my offer is things I can explain in individual posts. 
  2. What results do people pay you for? What are the steps someone would take to achieve those results?
  3. What are the problems that come up again and again with the people you work with? What advice would you give on taking the first steps to overcome this problem?
  4. What are your favourite resources or tools that you would recommend to a customer? Summarize why you would recommend this tool or resource.
  5. What are your favourite books or articles that you would recommend to a customer? Summarize the main points.
  6. Who are your success stories? Summarize your fave client results and feedback you’ve gotten for your service.

Now at this point, you might be thinking you’ll be giving too much away for free. But here’s why you aren’t and here’s why this works: Each post will only feature 1 action, 1 tip or 1 step. You aren’t giving away the entire how. Also, this style of content will be an irresistible beacon, a siren’s song to your potential customers who need your help.

  • From these 6 questions, come up with 8 topics for your posts. Remember each post should focus on 1 action step or resource and should be enough to write 75-200 words.
  • Write your posts
  • Combine each post with an image or graphic. You can use a stock photo, a meme, a picture of your work (depending on what you do), a photo of yourself. You want the image to be branded and eye-catching but not overly promotional.
  • Number these posts 1-8
  • Finally, make sure your Facebook profile is set up to generate leads (see step 1 of this post)

The good news is that you’ll be able to reuse these posts in newsletters, blog posts or in a number of other ways.

Take Action: Write your 8 value posts.

Step 3: Post Your Messages According to the Value Blitz Campaign Schedule

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How to Use Your Posts and Sharing Channels

So now that you have these hot, little posts all ready to go, here’s how you’re going to use them for the remaining days of this campaign.

Morning Campaign Routine

  • Go to each of your 5 sharing channels (see step 1) 1 at a time and
    • Publish your post (see below for what message goes where)
    • Find 3 other people’s posts and provide thoughtful and helpful answers
    • Move on to the next spot

Afternoon Campaign Routine

  • Go to each of your 5 sharing channels (see step 1) 1 at a time and
    • Find 3 other people’s posts and provide thoughtful and helpful answers
    • Move on to the next spot

Campaign Posting Schedule

Here’s an example of the message schedule for the remaining 4 days of the challenge:

  • Day 1: 
    • Share Post 1 in Spot 1
    • Share Post 2 in Spot 2
    • Share Post 3 in Spot 3
    • Share Post 4 in Spot 4
    • Share Post 5 in Spot 5
  • Day 2: 
    • Share Post 6 in Spot 1
    • Share Post 7 in Spot 2
    • Share Post 8 in Spot 3
    • Share Post 1 in Spot 4
    • Share Post 2 in Spot 5
  • Day 3: 
    • Share Post 3 in Spot 1
    • Share Post 4 in Spot 2
    • Share Post 5 in Spot 3
    • Share Post 6 in Spot 4
    • Share Post 7 in Spot 5
  • Day 4: 
    • Share Post 8 in Spot 1
    • Share Post 1 in Spot 2
    • Share Post 2 in Spot 3
    • Share Post 3 in Spot 4
    • Share Post 4 in Spot 5

Take Action: Follow the schedule to run your 4-day value blitz campaign.

Take Action Now!

There’s no value in keeping your offerings secret, which is why part 4 of this 7 part series is all about getting people to see your content. And how do you do that? Through three easy steps:

  • Step 1: Create your campaign strategy
  • Step 2: Craft your campaign messages
  • Step 3: Post your messages according to the Value Blitz Campaign Schedule

By running your campaign this way, you’ll provide huge value to potential customers, selling to them without being overly salesy in your messaging. Let’s go create!

Need some extra support with this process? Click on the image below to get the Leveraging Facebook Groups Worksheet.

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