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The Fill-Your-Pipeline for Services Email Campaign: Get More Clients

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The Fill-Your-Pipeline for Services Email Campaign: Get More Clients

Welcome back to this 7-part series that’ll take you through the steps of gaining at least 1 client in as little as 7 days. It does take work – but these things should. In this part, we're talking about how to get more clients using email marketing with my fill-your-pipeline for services email campaign. So if you’ve been struggling to get new clients (or your first client), this series is for YOU!

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Let’s Get Started—About the Fill-Your-Pipeline For Services Email Campaign

Part 5 of the 7-day system to get more clients from your content in 7 days is all about sending an email to your list. The simple way is often the best way and this is especially true when there’s something you want.  

So many people think about what they want, come up with complicated plans and strategies to get there but don’t even think about using the simplest (and usually most effective) tool available to them – asking for it.

So today we’re going to ask for the sale by making an offer. Easy peasy – especially since we’ve already pulled together your awesome offer docket in Day 1.

Shy About Emailing? A Quick Excuse Buster Pep Talk

There’s no substitute for what we’re going to do today. And if you think about it, there shouldn’t be. And as a service-based business, we’re not saying you need a HUGE email list. A smaller, more engaged email list will get you a lot farther than a big one. 

So even though you might be tempted to skip this day, don’t. Maybe you have a small email list or you haven’t emailed your list in awhile. It really doesn’t matter. Until you get in the practice of actually making the offer to the people who already said yes to you, you’re going to be holding yourself back from the success you could be having.

Here are some tips for either of those scenarios:

Small list? Do some list building and add this offer email into your welcome sequence (a series of automated messages you send to someone on your list after they’ve opted in).

Message 1 (Welcome message to deliver free gift) + Message 2 (Check in on free gift progress) + Message 3 (Make an offer) + Message 4 (Follow up on your offer)

Haven’t emailed your list in awhile? After your offer email + follow-up email, send a free gift within the next week and then start emailing regularly (once a week, biweekly or monthly). Want more tips on engaging a stale email list? Take the 30-day Content Comeback Challenge. 

Feeling good about it? My promise to you is that we're going to make this as easy as it can be – like colour-the-numbers kind of easy.

Email #1 – The Announcement Email

Our first email is simply letting people know you do what you do and inviting them to work with you. 

Step 1: Decide on your call-to-action

Our first step is to come up with a reason someone should book right now. This might be that you’re filling your last few spots, raising your rates, or that you have a special bonus for them. We want to add in a little motivation to take action now. 

Step 2: Draft your email

Good news? If you completed Day 1 of this challenge (link), you’ve already done the hard part in putting together your awesome offer docket. Now we’re just going to pull from there to put together a simple, but powerful pitch email to send to your list.

Hi [Name]! — insert your favourite greeting and use your email program to personalize with their name

I wanted to quickly let you know that I’m currently taking on new clients for {offer}. {Insert a sentence that explains why this offer has some urgency or importance for them} – – maybe you only have so many spots, or you’re offering a special spot or it only opens up a few times a year… – hyperlink the offer to sales page or discovery call page

So if you’re ready for {main & most incredible benefit}, then this is for you.

Here’s what you get:

  • [Feature #1] so you can [Benefit]
  • [Feature #1] so you can [Benefit]
  • [Feature #1] so you can [Benefit]
  • [Feature #1] so you can [Benefit]

[Reason they should take action now.]

There are only a few spots available, so click here to [another benefit].


Step 3: Sending your email

Once you’ve finished your email, send it off immediately (okay, so if you’re doing this at 3 am on a Saturday night or some other odd time, schedule it to go out at the next appropriate time slot).

A note about unsubscribes: Yes, you are going to get unsubscribes. But everybody does. And it's just a matter of looking at those unsubscribes a little bit differently and celebrating them instead of taking them personally. After all, when someone unsubscribes from your list, they’re making space for somebody else who actually does want to hear from you who’s much more likely to become a customer. People who remove themselves are doing you a favour!

Email #2 – The Follow-Up

Our second email is a short and sweet reminder of your offer. If you don’t follow up with leads, you’ll be leaving huge opportunities on the table.

Step 1: Draft your email

Here’s a quick email template that you can schedule to send 48 hours after you’ve sent your original offer email

Hi [Name]! — insert your favourite greeting and use your email program to personalize with their name

I wanted to follow up on my previous email to let you know that there are x spots left to {insert main benefits} by signing up for {insert your awesome offer here – hyperlinked}

Do you often wonder how to avoid {insert pain point or something terrible that people experience and that your offer solves}? Let me quickly tell you about {past client} who was able to {insert transformation // results from using your offer}. 

Want similar results? Click here to {insert another main benefit}

Here’s a reminder of what you get:

  • [Feature #1] so you can [Benefit]
  • [Feature #1] so you can [Benefit]
  • [Feature #1] so you can [Benefit]
  • [Feature #1] so you can [Benefit]


Step 2: Schedule your follow up email to send within 48 hours of your first offer email

Pop that message into your email service provider and schedule it. It’ll go out without you even having to think about it!

Get the Sale by Making an Offer

As a service-based business, building your email list is one of the most powerful activities you can do because it gives you direct access to past and potential customers – people who’ve already said Yes, I’m interested in hearing from you. Your list is the best collection of leads you have. 

Don’t hold yourself back from the success you could be having. Engage with your email list by sending an announcement email and following-up with a second email. Before you know it, you’ll have clients saying yes to what you’ve offered!

Want to learn how to let your content do the selling for you?

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