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How to Create the Perfect Quarterly Content Plan

How to Create the Perfect Quarterly Content Plan by Your Content Empire

Planning my content by quarters has been a game changer in my business. I’m able to keep up with (and even stay ahead of) my content calendar, be intentional about what I’m publishing in a way that supports my whole business not just my blog and I’m able to batch (read my post on creating 20+ posts a month here)

Here are the steps that I take when planning my next quarterly content plan:

1) Start by measuring your results from the last quarter

You’ll want to measure your engagement, website traffic, newsletter and social media growth. In the monthly content planning kit, you’ll find a monthly measurement sheet that you can use to collect these numbers and track them over time.

2) Set some content goals (measurable goals post)

Results Goals: Looking at your numbers from the past month, what targets do you want to hit in the coming quarter? Are there any sales goals or discovery call goals you want to hit?
Project Goals: Are there any new project goals you’d like to complete this quarter? I’m writing a book this year so mine for this quarter includes finishing the first and second drafts of my book.

3) Do a brain dump of all the business events you have coming up in the next 4 months (because even if they’re outside of this upcoming quarter, you’ll still want to remember to prep for them!)

When we use content marketing as a tool for our business, we choose topics and activities that align with what we have going on in our business. So start by doing a brain dump all of these events.

4) Assign all of these activities to weeks within your quarterly plan

Put all of these business events and projects on the calendar (any launches, promos, campaigns, events, holidays).

5) Once you have these cornerstones in place – do a topic brainstorm? What topics prepare people for the launches, promos and events you have in your business?

For example – if you’re launching something, you’ll want 3-4 weeks of content prior to opening your cart to do a pre-launch campaign. If you have a webinar, you’ll want to do a week of content to directs people to sign up for the webinar as the next step.

Although there are more prompts in the planners, here are few questions to ask:

  • What’s something I could teach my readers that will prepare them for my offer? (i.e. Wedding Stationery Designers might do a series on how to create your guest list)
  • What are some questions I get all the time from customers, readers and subscribers? Or that I see people asking on social media?
  • What stories can I write about? Stuff I’ve noticed lately in the industry? My customer success stories?

6) Build your calendar!

Next build your calendar by putting down what you’ll be publishing on each channel (blog, newsletter, specific social media accounts) for each day and week.

That’s all there is to it! I like to set aside a day to do this and I’ll sometimes even begin pre-writing and outlining the pieces right away.

Monthly Content Planning Kit

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