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The Busy Business Owner’s Guide to Content in 27 minutes a Day

All or nothing. That’s the biggest mistake I see business owners making when it comes to their content strategies. They believe that if they can’t do everything (or almost everything) they want to with their content, it’s not worth doing anything.

Big mistake. There’s a ton of progress you can be making – even if you can’t afford to be spending the 2 days a week recommended by State of the Owner to grow your business.

Need proof?

One client of mine initially refused to launch her blog until she had 3 months of content pre-written to publish on it. We jumped in, put the blog up, focused on just 1 post every 2 weeks (sometimes she managed more) and fast-forward 3 months and she has a $14k launch of her coaching program from the audience she cultivated with that lite approach.

Are the results as good as they could have been if we’d gone all out on her content strategy? Heck no! But they’re about 14k times better than they would have been if we’d gone with her original plan of doing nothing.

Another client had an amazing, original idea for a free gift for email subscribers. But as you know, amazing ideas take time to execute, and her timeline to produce her idea was 8 weeks. So we created a temporary freebie, built her list to 250 from 0 in 4 weeks and used their input to create an even better freebie that would add 1500 people to her list within a month of launching it.

Can you relate to sometimes wanting to resort to this type of waiting game mentality?

I totally can – and catch myself trying to get away with it all the time.

We’re all busy but even just doing a little bit can grow your business, keep you top of mind with potential customers and build an engaged audience.

So even if you say you have ZERO time for content, all you’ll need is 27 minutes a day, 5 days a week to use this Busy Business Owner's Guide to Content in 27 Minutes a Day and watch the rewards come rolling in.

  • Each day you’ll find a task breakdown with estimated times
  • You’ll also have a ‘supporting system’ recommendations. A system that you can create to make your content process even easier, quicker and more effective
  • Because you’re a busy boss, choose 2 social media platforms to focus on instead of trying to do them all

On your marks, get set, go!

Day 1: Draft your blog post

10 minutes – Outline your blog post or add more detail to an existing blog post outline

17 minutes – Quickly draft the blog post

Supporting System: A longer-term system to have in place is a quickie editorial calendar and inspirational topic bank (so that you don't have to wonder what you're writing about next)

Day 2: Prepare blog post to publish

10 minutes – Prepare images for your post

10 minutes – Edit blog post

7 minutes – Choose two

  • Write 3 tweets based on your post
  • Write 1 Facebook post
  • Create 1 Instagram post
  • Prepare 1 LinkedIn post
  • Prepare 2 Pinterest pins

Supporting System: Set up your graphics guide (colours, heading styles) and image templates (so you only have to update the stock photo and title for each post). Use this post here as a guide

Day 3: Schedule everything

15 minutes – Post and format your blog post

12 minutes – Schedule social media

Supporting System: Create a blog posting checklist to make posting your blog a breeze. CoSchedule is what I use to automate my social media posting (must-have feature = social templates!)

Day 4: Send an email to your list

20 minutes – Write an email based on your blog post

7 minutes – Schedule your newsletter

Supporting System: Set up an email newsletter template so you can simply update it and send and a newsletter posting checklist to help you format in a consistent style

Day 5: Create social media posts

12 minutes (Platform 1): Write and schedule 10 promo posts (5 for your blog post, 5 for a free or paid offer) and also schedule 10 curated resources

12 minutes (Platform 2): Write and schedule 10 promo posts (5 for your blog post, 5 for a free or paid offer) and also schedule 10 curated resources

3 minutes: Choose next blog post and write a very quick outline of what you want to include

Supporting System: Create a spreadsheet for storing social media posts (to store and track previously used messages so you can easily pull and reuse) + a curation system to track resources you find that you know your audience will find useful

General Rule

This is your minimum viable content output – anything above and beyond – bonus! The only other thing you have to do outside of this is to be responsive. Maybe you’re waiting in line or have a spare moment – during these times, use your phone to check + respond to any blog comments and interact on your 2 chosen social media platforms.

Download the Monthly Content Planning Kit below for all the tools you need to start implementing your 27-Minute-A-Day-Content-Strategy.

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