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How to Know If It’s Time for a Rebrand

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How to Know If It’s Time for a Rebrand

Is your brand starting to feel a little stagnant? But are you wondering if it’s time for a rebrand – well Tiffany Tolliver from The Emma Rose Agency is here to shed a little wisdom on exactly how and when you need to rebrand plus how to infuse your content with your brand so you’re attracting the right people.

Tiffany Tolliver founded The EmmaRose Agency, a luxury Los Angeles-based branding firm, in October 2015 with a promise to enhance the way we visually consume products and services.

The EmmaRose Agency designs and builds iconic brands using visual balance, clean and classic designs, and breathtaking photography.

With grace, grit and God, in two years Tiffany elevated from living at home as a hair salon receptionist in Washington, D.C. to the owning a thriving six-figure boutique agency in Los Angeles that develops branding for nationally-recognized businesses.

She obsesses over changing her clients’ stories, the way she changed her own story, by creating impactful visual experiences that cultivate brands’ popularity and profit.

Tiffany’s clients have received recognition on outlets such as Good Morning America, TODAY, Buzzfeed, PopSugar, and more after working with her.

Key Takeaways from this Episode

What has your business journey looked like from when you first hung out that digital “come in, we’re open sign” to where you are today? 

  • It's so different from when I first started. When I first got started with the Emma Rose Agency I was actually working kind of full time at a salon in Washington, D.C. as their director of communications/manager. It basically was a job where I was getting overworked and underpaid. I really was loving the visual aspects that I was able to pull out working on their marketing strategies and stuff like that and by no other reason than God, I came across branding and it really has been pedal to the metal ever since then.
  • I've really defined who I work with in the agency, small business, women led brands who are looking to become the industry leaders in their specific area of genius. I'm just so grateful that I get to work with these women to improve their digital presence across the internet all day long.

In terms of legacy – what is the big mission you’re here to accomplish with your business?

  • Yeah. I think that above all, I want my clients to see themselves online how I see them. I see them as their best selves. And while I was going through the transition from my full time job to full time entrepreneurship, I just never saw myself as worthy. And even before that, in my upbringing I'd suffered a lot with self perception and what people thought of me and was I presenting myself the right way? So I think it's my legacy to leave behind a message of empowerment to women. That we really can go after what we want to if we put in the hard work and we just show up every single day the right way that we can have the lives that we dream of every night.

What's the #1 burning question you get from your community about branding and what do you tell them? 

  • You know what, that's really a good question. I think the most often people want to know why they need a rebrand, because I specialize in rebranding. I would answer that because you're not seeing the results that you want to. It's very, very important that when we start our businesses, we're just trying to get up off the floor literally. Get off the ground. Get into a space where we're doing what we love instead of working at a nine to five that we just hate the most, right? There's a very small amount of us that really like going to a nine to five. I'm not one of those people.
  • So for my clients or potential clients, they're in that transition stage of what do I do? They may not need me right then, but when they've really become an expert or started to become an expert or what I like to call an informational or service based influencer in their field, it's generally time for a visual uplift. You are upgrading on the clients that you want to serve. You're also wanting to upgrade on that price point, right? Because then you realize exactly what tangible deliverables that you have, what value based deliverables that you have. You know, people can't touch it, but they feel it in their business. And then what it takes to actually run a business. Expenses and cost of living and things like that.
  • So when someone asks me why do I need a rebrand, it's because you're transitioning. You're moving into a better and more precise area in your business that requires a level of strategy or strategic design that you weren't addressing previously.

What is one piece of advice you have for online business owners who see what you’ve built and all the success you’ve had doing it – and want to create their own version of it but have no idea where to start? 

  • I get this question a lot and it's funny because even my middle now, we're always comparing our start to someone else's a different part, right? I do that in my own business and in my own life and I think what's been able to propel me is that I use that as motivation to keep going. For someone who is just starting, there's an innate reason why you want to start a certain business. I don't think God just drops business because entrepreneurship is hard and kind of crazy getting into. But if you feel a pull to a certain thing, I would say just go after it and keep going because one day someone is going to be looking to you for motivation and encouragement.
  • With my brand, I try to always position myself to be of support and service, especially to women in business. Being a single mother, being a college dropout, to know that you don't have to have it all together. You know, I don't have it all together. Even though you may see on Instagram it looks a certain way, but in the background we're all trying to figure it out. And once you make the decision to move forward and not worry about someone else's middle and start on your story, other transformations can happen. People are going to be served through you. You're going to bring happiness or joy or organization or whatever it is that you're looking to do in your business to other people.

How does content work in your business. What do you handle and do you have a team that helps? Fill us in!

  • So content and marketing I think is quintessential to the results that I see in my business. The right content and the right type of marketing for my clients who I know that I can get results for and through is very, very important because otherwise they will tune you out. If I'm not producing the right content, if I'm not showing up a certain way on Instagram or Facebook or wherever it is, at conferences, then they're not going to receive my messaging correctly.
  • So if their ears are closed off or they moved on to the next brand designer or web designer, I've lost that person. Someone who I really could have helped. So content and marketing is very, very important and moreover consistent content development and marketing. It doesn't always have to look like oh my gosh, I'm blogging every day. I'm on Instagram every day. It's about what your audience or what my audience wants to see, delivering that on a consistent basis has been amazing for my business.

And where do you find your inspiration on what you're talking about, on any of those channels or platforms?

  • Yeah. I think, again, I have to just loop it back to my audience. It's not about me. I'm in a service based business. It's about who I'm serving. So it's like, what do they find interesting? What is it that they are struggling with in their business? What is it that's holding them back in their mindset that needs to be shifted and that I need to focus on in my messaging?
  • So, for inspiration, to continue on doing this that comes from my daughter and just waking up and trying to create a world for her, a situation for her where she can when she's 18 or whatever or finished with school, she has a choice of what she wants to do. That's my personal motivation. But my clients, what they want to hear, what they're having trouble with, that's what I talk about often.

Can you walk us through a typical content creation day for you? What’s your process for creating new content look like?

  • Sure. As we talked about earlier, I am just coming back from a mastermind and just tweaking things and making sure that I'm doing things as a CEO the right way. So for my CEO checklist with marketing and development of content, I know that I have to do things on a daily basis. I know that for someone to hear my message repeatedly, it has to be funneled in every day and I kind of have to gut check them in a way.
  • My clients like to be gut checked. Like this is what you're doing wrong, this is why you're stuck and this is how I can help you. It's not from in comparison to when I first started everything was just like really, really pretty and aesthetically pleasing. But this is more about the woman. Like, I create the content that's going to be gut punching too to get down into your soul to see why haven't you moved yourself forward? Why haven't you invested in yourself? You say you want these kind of results. And so the content that I create around that on a daily basis mainly through Instagram, that's my main source of obtaining clients and through my funnels which I after this mastermind have totally revamped and I'm excited to see the results of that.

Yeah. Could you share any … because you sell a high ticket kind of package, your branding packages. What do you think are some tips or secrets you can tell us about selling those kinds of services on Instagram?

  • Sure. I think that you … not think. I know that you have to show your value at all ends. And what I learned is that people didn't understand everything that I did and so they were having trouble resonating or positioning themselves for the price point that I'm currently at. So there was like, okay, upper four figures for a web design? I can get someone to do it for maybe 2,500. But when they realize that I'm actually saving them money in other areas, that I'm actually a strategist, that I am their content … I help with content creation. When I help with messaging, I help with photo shoot direction, I help with social media design and messaging. Then they're able to say oh, I get it. It's not just the website. She's giving me the tools to go out and make really good money from my digital presence.
  • It's not just let me give her my pictures, let me give her my content and then that's it. No. We're together for three and a half, four months, strategizing big on how to make a larger impact from a rebrand.

How would you define a content empire as it relates to your own business and what you’ve built? 

  • I think a content empire is really about how you influence people. I am really, really big on making sure that my content resonates with women. Not only that, but African American women because I find that we are under represented.
  • When I first started in the creative industry with the Emma Rose Agency, I would look and look and look for women who I could kind of resonate with because the color of my skin. That's just a natural thing, right? You walk into a room and you say oh, who can I talk to immediately because I'm an introvert. A high, high introvert. And I just didn't see that. And thank God that I'm able to kind of push past that and ignore it and kind of go after whoever will talk to me just casual conversation. But a lot of women out there can't do that. They can't see maybe an all Caucasian panel or the opposite, maybe a Caucasian woman identifies in a space where there's predominantly African American women. You know, we have to be very cognizant of representing all types of women on platforms and making people feel comfortable because the end goal is for us to all do well, for all of us to be successful.
  • To be supportive in this journey, this hard journey, of owning our own businesses. So a content empire is me having a voice to be able to reach back and pull someone else up that looks like me who has struggled like me. A single mother. Someone, again, who didn't graduate from college, never had any area of expertise. Let me use my content. Let me use my drive. Let me use my expertise to show you, even if you never hire me, show you that it's possible to move from point A to point B.

Lightning Round

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