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How to a Plan a Refreshing, Mid-Year Business Retreat

Goals feeling a little stale? Yep, it happens.

Who we were when we set them and who we are when we’re attempting to implement them can sometimes feel like completely different people. Jekyll and Hyde-esque.

That’s exactly why I like to take a mid-year business retreat – to refresh, renew and recalibrate my goals for the second half of the year.

I’m a big fan of taking solo business retreats to reflect on the recent past, look forward to my next 6 months and come up with some solid plans to move towards reaching my business goals.

From launch plans to content strategies, I walk away with a renewed passion for business and a can’t-wait-to-get-started-again attitude.

These retreats don’t always look the same –

Some years, I’ll take advantage of having the house to myself for a weekend, stock myself up with treats, delivery menus and a billion post-it notes.

Other times, I’ll book a local AirBnB for a couple of nights and revel in the break from normal scenery (and room service, plenty of room service).

Here’s the 4-1-1 on my agenda for the mid-year business retreat

1) Measure everything and decipher what it means

First up, I start with gathering the data.

I look at

  • Google analytics
  • Shopping cart (Samcart)
  • Email newsletter provider
  • LeadPages
  • Social media schedule share numbers (CoSchedule)
  • Leads and packages for the service side of my business (Dubsado)
  • My Project Dashboard

Then analyze what it all means. This is a real part of being the CEO in your business. Having the ability to look at these numbers as opportunities (even if things didn’t go as well as expected!)

Here are the questions I answer every quarter before creating my next 90-day plan:

Sales & Revenue:

  1. How many sales did I make this quarter?
  2. How much revenue did I earn this quarter?
  3. What were my expenses this quarter?
  4. What was my profit this quarter?
  5. How much did I sell of each offer type?
  6. How many free consult calls did I take?
  7. What was my “close” rate for service packages?
  8. For each offer – how many people visited the salespage?
  9. For each offer – what was my conversion rate?
  10. What offers should I focus more on? Why?
  11. What offers should I focus less on? Why?
  12. What new offers should I test out?


  1. What was my website traffic – total and unique?
  2. Where did that traffic come from?
  3. What social media platforms were most effective and enjoyable?
  4. What blog posts did the best?
  5. What opt-in freebies did the best?
  6. What were my subscribers and conversion rates for each?
  7. Email list subscribers?
  8. Growth?
  9. Open rate?  Best subject lines?
  10. Click through rate?


  1. How much did I pay for each team member?
  2. What was my effectiveness in utilizing them?
  3. Improvements or adjustments to make?
  4. Any new positions or tasks to add or delegate?


  1. What projects did I complete?
  2. Which are still outstanding?
  3. What were the roadblocks?


  1. What goals did I hit?
  2. What goals did I miss?
  3. What goals should I continue on with?
  4. What goals do I not care about anymore? (Drop them)

In Summary:

  1. What were my wins from the past quarter?
  2. What were my challenges from the past quarter?
  3. What am I changing in the coming quarter?
  4. Where are my opportunities for the coming quarter?
  5. Where did I maybe waste money?
  6. How can I love on my community more this quarter?
  7. If I could take on any goal and be guaranteed to succeed, what would I go for?

I just plot capture everything and then take my first break.

 2) Dream up some goals

Begin with what’s going on big picture in your business before diving into the details.

I start with a calendar and put in my big events, launches and things I know are happening in my business and life.

I always do this first because when I don’t, I either (A) get overly ambitious with all the projects I couldn’t reasonably get finished; or (B) plan projects that make no sense with what else I have going on.

Neither of which set me up for success.

Once those are in there and with the info I’ve gleaned from before, I ask myself:

  1. What would make the biggest impact on the success of my business?
  2. What does my ideal business look like? And what are some things I have to do to get me closer to that version?
  3. What goals and projects support the things I already have going on in my business?
  4. What are new milestones or levels I can reach in my business – in terms of clients, email list, website traffic, etc.?
  5. What goals or projects would I be excited to work towards?

Then after some reflection, I choose 4-5 business goals. Jot them down and then take a break to give me (and them) some space to breathe.

(3) Action = Satisfaction

Once I’m refreshed, it’s time to start building out action plans. First, I check in with my goals and make sure they’re still jiving with me.

Then I build out my projects and content strategy around these goals and events using my Monthly Content Planning Kit.

(4) Refer back to my plan regularly

A plan will only ever work if you actually use it.

Here’s how I use my plan:

On a monthly basis: I add new projects to my task management tool (Taskworld)

On a weekly basis: I use the plan to create my weekly milestones and priorities

I’d love to know: What are you most excited about working towards in the next half of the year?

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