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3 Must-Do Steps Before Creating Your Next Infoproduct

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3 Must-Do Steps Before Creating Your Next Infoproduct

Infoproducts are a great way to help your customers at a lower price point and in such a streamlined way that, apart from creating and marketing the actual product, won’t take up too much (or any) of your time.

That’s why they’re often referred to as ‘leveraged’ because, with them, you aren’t trading time for money, but are getting paid for creating it once. Because of this, it’s also a great way scale your business and establish yourself as an expert since you can reach more people than you would be able to work with one on one.

But just slapping some words and pretty pictures on a pdf and calling it your latest and greatest creation? Probably not going to get you the results you'd like. Here's a 3-part process for creating the RIGHT infoproduct for you and your soon-to-be customers. 

What We’ll Be Covering

• Coming up with your infoproduct idea

• Validating your idea

• Finalizing Your Topic

Step 1 – Brainstorming Infoproduct Ideas

Our first step is to come up with an idea for an info product that (a) fires you up and (b) that you think will be really helpful and valuable for your customers

Use these 8 questions to begin your brainstorm or mindmap:

1) What questions do you hear all the time about your service or niche area?

2) What are all the changes your customers are looking to make or implement?

3) What are the main goals your customers have?

4) Is there any ‘pre-work’ that customers should have done before working with you one-on-one?

5) Is there a segment of your readers who you can tailor your signature process for? (i.e. teachers, nurses, people suffering from chronic illness, non-profits, etc.)

6) What are the principals of your signature process? (or steps) Can you break these down? Are there 1 or 2 steps that you can go into depth with and build your product around?

7) When clients implement what you’ve worked on together, what would make things easier for them? How could you make it a no-brainer for them to implement?

8) Consider your audience/clients/readers as a whole. What are the majority of them struggling with? What’s annoying them to no end? Can you help them solve one of these pain points?

Brainstorm appropriate formats:

Here are some ideas to consider: Ebook, ECourse, Process, Kit, Tutorial, Group Program, Workbook, Templates with Instruction, Live Workshop, Membership Site, Challenges, Masterminds

Step 2: Validate your idea

Scenario #1: You have an email list already or a group of potential customers who you can poll

What to do: Survey them and use that data to finalize your topic + inform your outline for your infoproduct

Scenario #2: You don’t have an audience but know of an audience you can ask (Facebook groups, Slack Groups, LinkedIn Groups, etc.)

What to do: Survey them and use that data to finalize your topic + inform your outline for your infoproduct

Scenario #3: You don’t have an audience to ask directly

What to do (Step 1) – Scour Reddit, online forums and even comments left on Amazon for books related to your idea to see what people are struggling with, looking for or questioning.

What to do (Step 2) – Create a free, very small version of the course and then market it to your list, on social media, using FB ads to see if people are interested. Pros – you’ll be building an interest list to market the finished product to

Step 3: Finalize your topic idea

Look at all feedback received/collected from Step 2. Look for any commonalities and decide on what topic to move forward with and develop into an infoproduct.

It's important to choose a topic that while serving the needs and wants of your ideal customers, also satisfies you creatively. If you hate the idea, then that's going to show in the work you produce!

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