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Your Content Creator Archetype is …

The Thought Leader

As The Thought Leader, you’re passionate about driving important conversations, especially on topics you know can help your audience. For you, creating content is highly thought-driven, and you need to protect the peace of this process at all costs.

You feel most at home when you’ve carved out all the time you need to think, write, and get your ideas out with as little drama as possible, which means systems and outsourcing are your friends. Using your energy where it makes the most sense (solidifying your ideas) helps you avoid getting burnt out.

What Works (and Doesn't Work) For Thought Leaders

A daily content habit

Staying in the content zone fuels the momentum behind your best ideas. Plus, documenting your thoughts and ideas regularly comes naturally to you, so a daily content habit can really help you draw out your best content.

Well-documented content systems

A robust system will make taking your ideas and getting them out into the world so much easier. This may mean outsourcing so you can leave more energy for contemplation and creativity.

Daily Content Habit (Or Journaling)

Consider utilizing specific social platforms as micro journals. Sharing short-form thoughts allows you to test and share partially formed ideas quickly.

Trying to do everything yourself

You may feel like you need to do it all on your own, but the truth is that this leads to serious burnout. The better option is to get support so you can build out the ample space you need to come up with fully formed ideas.

Spreading yourself too thin

Feeling pressure to be everywhere all the time? It’s really not necessary. By simplifying your platform use (areas of expression) and focusing on the tools that allow you to share with depth will make publishing your content feel much more fulfilling.

Sharing inconsistently

As a Thought Leader, you value building up trust, expertise, and authority. The key to making this happen? Staying consistent and getting your ideas out there regularly.

Biggest thing to watch out for?

AS a thought leader

As a Thought Leader, the best thing you can do to protect your content creation process is to avoid getting derailed by naysayers.

Brené Brown said it well: the only people who criticize are the ones who aren’t trying. They’re not in the ring, so why let their words show up on your radar?

Sure, you need to be open to valid criticism and feedback, but that doesn’t mean it has to derail you. 

Key content systems to build

The Power Trio for Thought Leaders

Ready to enhance your content creation with the most effective systems based on your archetype? These key content systems will help you where you need support the most—so no matter what comes up month over month (or year over year) you always have solid systems to fall back on.

A content bank

This bank keeps your existing content organized so you can repurpose it whenever needed.

A daily content creation habit

Building this habit makes intentional space for doing what you love—creating content—daily.

A content publishing workflow

Sharing your content can be a sticking point for you, but putting together a proper workflow for publishing will help you stay consistent—and reach your ultimate goal of establishing yourself as an industry mastermind.

Try This Content Workflow:

Daily Content Habit

When it comes to content it’s not just about what you do—how you do it actually matters just as much, if not more! Building in the right content workflow system will bring intention and ease into creating content, elevating your process overall.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Create a list of prompts for the week (ideas or questions you want to explore).
  • Write for 25 minutes on one of those ideas first thing in the morning.
  • At the end of the week (or day), go through your writing and pick 2-3 ideas to turn into pieces of content for publishing.
  • Store the rest of your ideas in a content bank.


The Go-To System for Creating a Content Plan for Your Big Ideas

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