When you become more consistent and committed with your content?

Then we’ve got something with your name written all over it …

The planner helped me get clear on my big business goals and also structure out my content accordingly. I also now have a much better idea of how to repurpose content and all of the other steps I need to consider. I feel so much less stressed and overwhelmed with my content and am getting more engagement since I am pushing out my content more consistently and in more places on social media. I love how it walks you through the whole process from start to finish. Never before had I considered coming up with monthly themes or tying my content directly to all my my business and revenue goals. Now it seems obvious but this kit has really changed the way I look at my blog and my business!”

Sarah Steckler, www.mindfulproductivityblog.com


Step into My Content Makeover Machine

Go From:

Just saying you’re going to get consistent with content for the umpteenth time.

Feeling disappointed when you hustle to get a post up only to have no one respond to it (and then have to start all over again on the next post)

Staring at blank cursor every time you sit down to create content and agonizing over WTH you even want to say.


Actually getting consistent with your content and seeing consistent results because of it.

Building up momentum with your content so that your audience is on the edge of their seats waiting for the next thing you post.

Having content creation feel EASY because you have a ton of inspiration and ideas at your fingertips.

“Get ready for structure! I was blown away by how systemic it was. From the idea of planning to writing to scheduling to seeing your results afterward. Before using it, I was struggling adding strategy into my content planning. Yes I would write out my plan, but with no purpose behind it. I was lost until this planner came along.”

Vittoria Daelli, www.creativehalcyon.com


Here’s How the Content Empire Planner Works

Download The Planner

Create your trickle-down content plan (from annual goals to quarterly strategies to monthly content plans to weekly action plans), following along with the step-by-step video walkthroughs.

Pick Your Path

Do you want to batch your content or take a more bespoke one-at-a-time approach? Once you’ve decided, start your chosen content creation workflow complete with templates, checklists and prompts.

Leverage Your Content

Leverage the heck out of the content you’ve created using the repurposing recipes that’ll walk you through 20+ recipes for turning every piece of content into several other posts for other platforms.


Look Inside the Content Empire Planner

The 2023 Content Empire Planner

A 180+ page, dated planner that helps you create a strategic content plan for the year, then quarter, then month and finally week.

Your Content Empire - Step-by-Step Content Planner Walkthroughs

Step-by-Step Content Planner Walkthroughs

You’re never left hanging figuring out how to use the planner with access to walkthroughs that’ll let you complete the planner along with Hailey as your guide.

Google Doc Versions of the Content Empire Planner

Google Doc Versions of the Planner

You have access to Google Doc versions of every section of the planner so that you can do your planning and copy and paste your work as needed – including files for the annual planning section, the quarterly planning sections and monthly planner.

Content Creation Workflows for Content Empire Planner

Content Creation Workflows

There are 2 workflows to choose from: A monthly batching workflow to create all of your monthly content in 5 days or a bespoke content workflow to create one week of content at a time. Both of these are chock-full of templates, checklists and prompts to make creating your blog, social, images and newsletter content a breeze!

Repurposing Recipe Cookbook for Content Empire Planner

Repurposing Recipe Cookbook

20+ recipes to help you turn one piece of content into many. There are recipes for social media posts, blog posts (different formats), reels and more.

DIY Systems Workshop for Content Empire Planner

DIY Systems Workshop

Design a completely customized content workflow with this guided workshop that’ll help you streamline your content and even get prepared to outsource whenever you’re ready.

CEO Dashboard Training for Content Empire Planner

CEO Dashboard Training

Keep your plans and goals top of mind with my personal CEO Dashboard set-up and template.

Monthly Content Accountability

We’ll be checking in with you all year long to remind you to use the planner (because even the best system in the world won’t work unless you use it!)

Meet Your Mentor

Hey there, I’m Hailey 👋

I work with business owners who S-T-R-U-G-G-L-E to create content consistently—let alone turn it into evergreen sales funnels that actually work.

I show them how to grow their audiences and sales using content – while making the entire process easier through simple workflows and systems.

When I’m not talking all things content and funnels? I’m usually catching up on episodes of Real Housewives, geeking out over my latest planner find or serving up prosecco on tap in my vintage horse trailer mobile bar.

Ready to Make Your 2023 Content Goals a Sure Thing?

Your Content Empire - Content Empire Planner - Content Planning


Everything You Get in the 2023 Bundle…

180+ page digital planner to plan your annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly goals and content

3 step-by-step walkthrough videos for annual, quarterly and monthly ‘plan-along-with-me' sessions

Monthly accountability emails to stay on track with your content planning and creation throughout 2023

BONUS: Google Doc versions of every section of the 2023 Content Empire Planner (value $97)

BONUS: CEO Dashboard Google Sheet template with a walkthrough training on how to set it up in Asana (value $97)

BONUS: Complete content batching workflow to create a month of content in 5 days (value $97)

BONUS: A virtual systems retreat to document your content systems so you can streamline and outsource with ease (value $97)

BONUS: My personal content repurposing recipes ‘cookbook' to squeeze more ROI out of the content you create (value $97)

The bonus batching sprint process helped me get ahead of my content and I had a full 3 weeks of content pre-scheduled for my content bundle on meditation for leaders. This is AMAZING since it takes the pressure off and allows me to create the next batch with ease! THIS is WHY I joined… and you’ve helped me achieve it! The changes in my content over the past 6 months is incredible! I’m writing 2 weekly newsletters, 1 blog article a week, plus daily posts on my FB and Insta pages. And it feels inspired, authentic and fun! Thanks for showing me how to make content finally “make sense” and be enjoyable too! Massive hugs :)”

Sarah Francescutti, www.exhaleandthrive.com

Ready to Make Your 2023 Content Goals a Sure Thing?

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