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Your Content Creator Archetype is …

The Strategist

As a Strategist, you feel right at home in the planning process, which means you’re very intentional about the content you put out. Before any of your content goes live, you’ve already ensured each post flows seamlessly into the next.

To others, it seems like you’re always five steps ahead in the content creation process, tactically planting seeds for what’s coming next. 

What Works (and Doesn't Work) For Strategists

Designing full campaigns

Executing large-scale projects is almost intuitive to The Strategist in you because you bring a well-thought-out plan and perspective from each aspect from start to finish.

Embracing automation

One of your biggest strengths is possessing the foresight to think your processes all the way through. This makes it a no-brainer for you to automate what you can with a one-time setup and simply maintain it as needed.


Seamlessly setting up strategic systems is where you shine, so it makes sense to spend most of your time there instead of getting bogged down in the minutia of execution, which you don't necessarily enjoy.

Creating content on the fly

Most of the time, you’re at your best when you can create content with a clear plan—the exception being a rare occasion you need to get out of your head.

Pre-made content calendars

You might have cringed just reading that. When other people tell you what you should be creating, it doesn’t feel right. Collaboration is a-ok, as long as you’re involved in the planning process.


As a Strategist, there’s intention behind everything you do. Creating content just for the sake of getting something published feels unsatisfying, and therefore provides zero motivation for you.

Biggest thing to watch out for?

AS a strategist

As a Strategist, you’re at home when you’re in strategic mode. But at times, you may need to take a step back.

Creating overly ambitious content plans that no one person, even someone with a small team, could hope to execute can set you up for failure. When you’re planning your content, keep your resources in mind.

Ensure you have the time and energy to execute those strategies—or that you’ve called in people who can.

Key content systems to build

The Power Trio for Strategists

Ready to enhance your content creation with the most effective systems based on your archetype? These key content systems will help you where you need support the most—so no matter what comes up month over month (or year over year) you always have solid systems to fall back on.

An idea bank

This will help you keep your ideas organized as you come up with them and ensure they’re handy when it's time to create.

A content planning system

Think of this as planning with a plan, which will help you reduce overplanning or taking on more than you can execute.

A core content workflow

A set workflow can make executing your brilliant strategies even easier.

Try This Content Workflow:

Designing Profit-Aligned Content Plans

When it comes to content it’s not just about what you do—how you do it actually matters just as much, if not more! Building in the right content workflow system will bring intention and ease into creating content, elevating your process overall.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Start by deciding what offer you want to promote
  • Reverse engineer 4-5 weeks of pre-promotion content to generate an interest list for your offer and/or sales event from your existing list and with new leads.
  • Plan a 1-2 week promotion to sell your offer either directly via email, social, or sales event (like a webinar, workshop, or challenge).


The Go-To System for Planning Your Sales and Content Campaigns

The 2024 Content Empire Planner

If you have a business, create content, and want to get organized and stay productive—you need this planner (at least that's what hundreds of repeat buyers have said). 

The 2024 Content Empire Planner and Digital Planning Bundle is one part comprehensive 12-month planner that takes you through every step of planning and managing your content and business goals and one part collection of resources to make following through on those plans easier than ever. It helps you focus on what matters most by keeping your business goals, projects and tasks, revenue plans and marketing calendar all in one place.

This is way more than just a “planner” though—it’s like having a marketing strategist that helps you figure out your business goals and how to connect them with your content AND a business coach pushing you forward and keeping you accountable.

It's perfect for collaborators who are looking to strike a balance between collaborating with others AND showcasing your own expertise.

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The planner helped me get clear on my big business goals and also structure out my content accordingly. I also now have a much better idea of how to repurpose content and all of the other steps I need to consider. I feel so much less stressed and overwhelmed with my content and am getting more engagement since I am pushing out my content more consistently and in more places on social media. I love how it walks you through the whole process from start to finish. Never before had I considered coming up with monthly themes or tying my content directly to all my my business and revenue goals. Now it seems obvious but this kit has really changed the way I look at my blog and my business!”

Sarah Steckler, www.mindfulproductivityblog.com

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