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Your Content Creator Archetype is …

The Minimalist

As The Minimalist, you’re a simplified time-maximizer, which means you are very discerning about what content strategies are for you and not for you. While you enjoy content creation, you also want to get it finished so you can move on to other things.

Your intentional approach allows you to minimize the time you spend creating content so you can focus more of it on the other parts of your life and business that matter most.

What Works (and Doesn't Work) For Minimalists

Knowing your numbers

Feeling confident in your data and insights helps you cut parts of your content creation that don’t deliver adequate ROI, which is the key to running a minimalist content strategy with results.

Knowing yourself

Being confident in how you show up and express yourself is your strength. As The Minimalist, you can easily be consistent because you’ve already identified what you know works and what you enjoy.

Knowing your audience

You spend time getting to know the people you’re creating content for. As much as the process is about you, you acknowledge the output is for them. Dedicating time for connection and engagement is an important piece of your content strategy puzzle (although, no doubt, you’ve found a way to align how you do this with your personality and preferences).

Getting stuck in “should” spirals

You’re usually pretty good at staying true to yourself, but you’re only human. When you let yourself go down that rabbit hole of “shoulds,” you start to feel further and further away from the original intention for your content.

Being overscheduled

Having too many commitments or trying to juggle too many different projects and content formats dilutes your focus. You thrive when you can deeply focus on one project at a time. Having a content bank comes in handy because you can reshare from your content backup instead of creating something new.

Making things complicated

You harness the power of simplicity, so adding too many bells and whistles (or elements to your content) feels like it detracts from the core message you’re trying to get across.

Biggest thing to watch out for?

AS a minimalist

As a Minimalist, you have such a strong sense of what works for you and what doesn't. While it’s important to trust yourself, it can also lead you to be too closed off to new ideas and opportunities.

Consider where you can be more open to testing and experimenting, as long as it’s not overwhelming.

Embrace new things with the potential to work really well for you—you just might find you even enjoy them too.

Key content systems to build

The Power Trio for Minimalists

Ready to enhance your content creation with the most effective systems based on your archetype? These key content systems will help you where you need support the most—so no matter what comes up month over month (or year over year) you always have solid systems to fall back on.

A content bank

This bank keeps your existing content organized so you can repurpose whenever needed.

A measurement system

Measuring what works for you versus what’s not will help you commit to systems that work, while still allowing you the freedom to ditch the ones that don’t (with data to back it up).

Content creation workflows and templates

Whatever systems keep things simple feels good to you—so creating workflows and templates is a must-build in your approach.

Try This Content Workflow:

Design Content Experiments (Intentionally)

When it comes to content it’s not just about what you do—how you do it actually matters just as much, if not more! Building in the right content workflow system will bring intention and ease into creating content, elevating your process overall.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Choose your next experiment.
  • Figure out your KPIs using the KISS acronym. "K" stands for KPIs, and that's your first step: figuring out what your goals are and how you’re going to measure them (metrics or benchmarks).
  • Figure out your KPIs. "I" for implementation. Take action on your start-up steps for implementing your strategy.
  • Figure out your KPIs. "S" for systems. What are your daily, weekly, monthly, and one-time actions for leveraging and putting the strategy into action? Create a system around those.
  • Figure out your KPIs. And finally, "S" for strategy. Our final "S" is bringing everything together and breaking it down into month one actions, month two actions, and month three actions, as well as identifying the particular strategies that you'll be using as part of that platform (including content topics, themes, and how you're going to use and leverage that platform).
  • Commit to a minimum of 30 days, ideally 90 days, and put in regular measurement points so you can check your progress and identify your new benchmark numbers. This will help you discern whether or not this strategy is going to work for you.


The Go-To System for Creating Your Simplified Content Plan

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