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Your Content Creator Archetype is …

The Creative

As a Creative, you're a content creator with a capital C. You’re innately curious, so you naturally love sinking your teeth into a juicy content topic—and getting every drop you can out of the squeeze!

The fact that you enjoy the process shines through in the quality and depth of your work. You’re passionate about creating this content for yourself as much as you are perfecting it for your audience. Many people rave about your content, and you’ve earned it. 

What Works (and Doesn't Work) For Creatives

Chasing your curiosity

Because when you love your content, you freely dive into creating pieces with passion. The quality of your work shines through for your audience, which makes them love your content too.

Focusing on quality over quantity

A high output at any cost is not a strategy that feels good to you. Your strength lies in creating epic posts less often, rather than pushing for maximum output.

Building content creation into your daily routine

Immersing yourself in a world of creating content keeps you consistent. This also keeps the passion you have for digging into juicy topics burning—which is exactly where your best content comes from!

Rigid planning

Strict schedules and in-the-moment inspiration don’t necessarily jive! You need to have room for creativity when it hits you. While planning is okay, it’s best if you keep it relaxed and flexible.

Outsourcing the aspects of your content that you enjoy

Getting support is one thing, but offloading the parts of the work you love would take all the fun out of content creation for you.

External deadlines

Your creativity runs on its own schedule. Being pinned down by deadlines makes you feel resentful because it cuts into the natural process you follow of allowing your content to unfold.

Biggest thing to watch out for?

AS A creative

As a Creative, you’re always moving from one idea to the next. The energy behind your content is great—but it may not be getting the visibility it deserves if you move on too quickly.

By intentionally (or even forcefully) slowing down, you can give your five-star content the attention it deserves.

Try to maintain a 1:1 ratio of creating versus promotion. If promotion isn’t something you feel strongly called to do, consider outsourcing it.

Key content systems to build

The Power Trio for Creatives

Ready to enhance your content creation with the most effective systems based on your archetype? These key content systems will help you where you need support the most—so no matter what comes up month over month (or year over year) you always have solid systems to fall back on.

An idea bank

This will help you keep your ideas organized as you come up with them and ensure they’re handy when it's time to create.

A content bank

This bank keeps your existing content organized so you can repurpose it whenever needed.

A daily content creation habit

Building this habit makes intentional space for doing what you love—creating content—on a daily basis.

Try This Content Workflow:

A/B Weeks

When it comes to content it’s not just about what you do—how you do it actually matters just as much, if not more! Building in the right content workflow system will bring intention and ease into creating content, elevating your process overall.

Structuring “A/B weeks” will help you promote your amazing content as much as you prioritize creating it so you can maximize the quality content you have.

  • Week A: Create a juicy piece of content that satisfies your curiosity and piques your audience's interest too.
  • Week B: Create micro-content based on your epic piece to promote your post and share it.


The Go-To System for Planning and Executing All Your Big Ideas

The 2024 Content Empire Planner

If you have a business, create content, and want to get organized and stay productive—you need this planner (at least that's what hundreds of repeat buyers have said). 

The 2024 Content Empire Planner and Digital Planning Bundle is one part comprehensive 12-month planner that takes you through every step of planning and managing your content and business goals and one part collection of resources to make following through on those plans easier than ever. It helps you focus on what matters most by keeping your business goals, projects and tasks, revenue plans and marketing calendar all in one place.

This is way more than just a “planner” though—it’s like having a marketing strategist that helps you figure out your business goals and how to connect them with your content AND a business coach pushing you forward and keeping you accountable.

It's perfect for collaborators who are looking to strike a balance between collaborating with others AND showcasing your own expertise.

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The planner helped me get clear on my big business goals and also structure out my content accordingly. I also now have a much better idea of how to repurpose content and all of the other steps I need to consider. I feel so much less stressed and overwhelmed with my content and am getting more engagement since I am pushing out my content more consistently and in more places on social media. I love how it walks you through the whole process from start to finish. Never before had I considered coming up with monthly themes or tying my content directly to all my my business and revenue goals. Now it seems obvious but this kit has really changed the way I look at my blog and my business!”

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