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Your Content Creator Archetype is …

The Collaborator

As a Collaborator, you feel most in your content comfort zone when there’s an element of co-creation. This could look like recording workshops or videos, or even going live and responding to questions, turning these interactions into content. Or you might be drawn to running live programs or beta programs.

Whichever type of content you choose, at the core there is always an element of fun and interaction, which makes creating content feel engaging and easy.

What Works (and Doesn't Work) For Collaborators


As The Collaborator, your content is best when you can give the energy you receive—but receiving is key! Finding opportunities to co-create with your audience helps you play to your strengths—especially when you can capture these opportunities to repurpose them later too.

Interacting with your audience

Your amazing content grows naturally from a back and forth dance of audience communication. Engaging, fielding questions, and responding to comments from your audience brings purpose to your work—and gives you ideas for great posts.

Talk format

Verbal communication is likely one of the areas where you truly shine, so any type of podcasting content or interview format works well for you, whether you're hosting or being interviewed.

Creating content in isolation

As someone who thrives in the presence and energy of others, creating by your lonesome falls flat for you. Having another person around as a sounding board helps you create better, more enthusiastic content!

Rigid planning

Creating a really rigid content plan doesn't allow any room for sudden inspiration or spontaneous opportunities—experiences that bring out the best in you! It’s best to create plans that have some degree of flexibility.

Not highlighting your own expertise

You’re great at highlighting the genius zones of others, but attention is easily diverted away from your skills when you’re focusing on the other party too much. As fun as it is, you must also highlight your own expertise to establish trust with your audience in a way that nurtures them for your paid offers.

Biggest thing to watch out for?


As a Collaborator, it’s more than likely that you're sitting on a mountain of content without even realizing it.

That’s your untapped opportunity! Building a system for capturing and repurposing into evergreen assets is your biggest area of improvement.

For example: Downloading one of your live videos, having it transcribed, and using it to tease out several pieces of micro-content. Then you can publish this content on social media and use it to create a high-quality blog, podcast, or video that captures the same main points.

Key content systems to build

The Power Trio for Collaborators

Ready to enhance your content creation with the most effective systems based on your archetype? These key content systems will help you where you need support the most—so no matter what comes up month over month (or year over year) you always have solid systems to fall back on.

Content interview system

When you create a seamless system around interviewing, you can ensure nothing gets missed during the interview and make your content creation process that much easier.

Content capture system

Find a way to take the tons of content you already have and capture it so you can repurpose it in new ways.

Content bank system

Create a system for banking your content so you can start sharing it more consistently on socials, your website, and more.

Try This Content Workflow:

Content Interviews

When it comes to content it’s not just about what you do—how you do it actually matters just as much, if not more! Building in the right content workflow system will bring intention and ease into creating content, elevating your process overall. 

When it comes to acing your workflow, content interviews are going to be your best friend. Here’s how to do it:

  • Have a collaborator (team member, biz friend, or partner) discuss a topic you want to cover with you and come up with 5 questions
  • Have this person ask you the questions you previously outlined while recording.
  • Answer each question conversationally and as in-depth as you can.
  • Transcribe your conversation and turn it into valuable pieces of content.


The Go-To System for Planning Out Your Collaborations + Content

The 2024 Content Empire Planner

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This is way more than just a “planner” though—it’s like having a marketing strategist that helps you figure out your business goals and how to connect them with your content AND a business coach pushing you forward and keeping you accountable.

It's perfect for collaborators who are looking to strike a balance between collaborating with others AND showcasing your own expertise.

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The planner helped me get clear on my big business goals and also structure out my content accordingly. I also now have a much better idea of how to repurpose content and all of the other steps I need to consider. I feel so much less stressed and overwhelmed with my content and am getting more engagement since I am pushing out my content more consistently and in more places on social media. I love how it walks you through the whole process from start to finish. Never before had I considered coming up with monthly themes or tying my content directly to all my my business and revenue goals. Now it seems obvious but this kit has really changed the way I look at my blog and my business!”

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