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How to Create Your EASE Content Framework

Hailey Dale


I’m Hailey – content strategist and founder here at Your Content Empire where we help you create more profitable, purposeful and productive content — and hopefully enjoy yourself more while doing it too. Learn more about me here >>

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Your Content Empire - How to Create Your EASE Content Framework - Hailey Dale

It’s time to introduce more EASE into your content strategy (cause nobody’s getting anywhere by trying to do all the things and in all the places)

So in this week’s episode, I’m sharing a lite version of how to create your EASE content framework. Here’s what we’re discussing:

  • Defining Consistency in Content: Pick how often you wanna post (like weekly or monthly). No hard rules, just what feels right for you!
  • The Four Pillars of Content Strategy: Expertise: Dive into the biggies – Expertise, Attraction, Sales, and Engagement. They're your secret sauce to content that gets ROI.
  • Engagement and Two-Way Conversations: It's all about the chit-chat. Keep the convo going with your peeps (because who doesn't love a good back-and-forth?). Keep things real and keep 'em coming back for more!

An Invite For You

If you are craving more simplicity (without sacrificing results, of course), this strategy is going to be revolutionary for you. I know it’s been a game changer for my clients who’ve implemented it to start doing more with less time spent grinding out new content and way less feeling guilty if they’re not showing every minute of every day. So I’m peeling back the curtain and sharing it with you, for free on September 7th. So get your booty signed up over at www.yourcontentempire.com/EASE


Welcome back to the Content Coffee Break podcast. I'm excited about today's topic because I feel we've been building up to this for the past few weeks since launching this podcast. In other news, I hosted a lunch party with friends and family, an end-of-summer party, for our other business, First Sip Mobile Bar. It was touching to have the support of loved ones helping us launch the business. It's a fantastic side project that I'm working on with my husband. This made me ponder about the strategic aspect of launching a second business. It's not just about running others' content and editorial calendars through the agency with my team's assistance; I'm also managing the editorial calendar for Your Content Empire, particularly this show, and handling another platform for First Sip Mobile Bar.

This has forced me to be disciplined, avoiding distractions and not trying to take on too many projects simultaneously. That's why I use the EASE content framework for both ventures. The EASE strategy comprises four types of content platforms or strategies every business owner should have: an expertise platform to showcase know-how, an attraction platform to gain visibility, a selling strategy to convert leads into sales, and an engagement platform to transform the audience into a community. 

It's essential to note that you shouldn't stretch yourself thin by being everywhere. Focus on establishing a solid foundation on each platform instead. Distributing your attention across multiple platforms diminishes the quality of your content. Choose a strategy, stick with it for 30 to 90 days, and then decide whether to continue or let it go.

Last week, we discussed a common mistake with content strategy: not having an attraction platform to grow their audience. On the other hand, some grow their audience but don't foster genuine relationships. The goal is to transform large numbers into an engaged, loyal community.

By the way, I'm hosting a free workshop this Thursday that delves into the EASE content map template. I'll guide you on how to implement the strategy and provide content relief for your business. Sign up at yourcontentempire.com/EASE. The workshop will discuss choosing a platform, defining metrics, and determining your next steps. 

Let's touch on the first “E” in EASE: expertise. This refers to a platform where you share original ideas. It could be a blog, podcast, or YouTube video, as long as it's embedded on your website. Metrics to track might include unique views, average time spent, bounce rate, and popular articles or episodes. The question for you is: what content creation method are you comfortable with? Whether you love speaking or writing, choose a medium that aligns with your strengths or explore something new. If writing is your forte, consider leveraging AI tools to help, but ensure it's genuinely representative of your voice and ideas. Whatever you choose, commit to it.

When it comes to determining if something feels too hard or questioning if you'll be able to maintain consistency, remember you get to define what consistency means to you. Does that mean weekly? Monthly? Bi-weekly? There's no real rule here. I've built successful content strategies for many businesses at each of those different frequencies. It's all about modifying the strategy.

Our next focus is attraction. What are you doing to present your content and ideas to new audiences? We need to consider platforms or strategies that allow your content to be seen not just by your existing followers. This could be due to an algorithm, search-based, or keyword-based criteria. Some examples include TikTok, Instagram reels, paid advertising, and pitching to podcasts to reach other people's audiences. The main goal is to target the right audience, those who are genuinely interested in your products and services.

In terms of metrics for your attraction platform, consider how many visitors it's bringing to your website and platforms. How many new email subscribers? The specifics might vary based on the strategies or platforms you use. For instance, with Facebook ads, you might look at total spend, cost per lead, cost per click, conversion rate, and earnings per lead. The metrics should be tailored to the platform and strategy, but it's essential to define those success metrics.

For your attraction platform, decide on a single approach. If you've been working with content for some time, don't spread yourself too thin. Consider where you've been active and if it feels overwhelming. Simplify by focusing on one platform for the next 30 to 90 days. This focus will help you determine what works and how to create an efficient system, possibly even delegate tasks.

Next is sales. This is more about strategies than platforms, methods you use to convert your audience into paying customers. Examples include an evergreen sales funnel, Facebook ads for micro offers, affiliate programs, and conducting workshops. As for metrics, consider sales generated, total earnings, and interest list size, among others.

When it comes to selling, if you're juggling many strategies, it might be wise to concentrate on just one. Find that focal point and develop it before moving on.

Engagement is also critical. It ensures two-way conversations with your audience. Without engagement, you might have impressive numbers, like a large email list, but no real connection leading to sales. Think about platforms or strategies promoting interaction. It could be your email marketing, workshops, Facebook groups, Instagram feed, or direct messaging. Metrics for engagement might be more nuanced, with both qualitative and quantitative measures, such as conversation quality, engagement rate, and website visitor count.

Finally, consider the following for your content strategy:

  1. Expertise Content: Where will you establish yourself as an expert?
  2. Attraction: Which platforms or strategies will you use to introduce your content and ideas to new audiences?
  3. Sales: How will you convert those new audiences into customers?
  4. Engagement: How will you facilitate two-way conversations with your current audience?

To conclude, think about this framework, and if you're interested in a more in-depth exploration, sign up for my free “EASE Content Strategy Workshop” on Thursday, September 7th at 9:00 AM PST or 12:00 PM EST. Even if you can't attend live, there will be a replay available. Sign up at www.yourcontentempire.com/EASE. Until next time, best of luck with your content strategy.

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