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The 5 Content Projects That’ll Make You The Most Money

Hailey Dale


I’m Hailey – content strategist and founder here at Your Content Empire where we help you create more profitable, purposeful and productive content — and hopefully enjoy yourself more while doing it too. Learn more about me here >>

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The 5 Content Projects that’ll make you the most money  by Your Content Empire

Feeling pushed and pulled between your big content projects that you know are essential for the long-term success of your business and your ongoing content and social media posts that are necessary for building your audience and visibility?

Yup, you’re in a content tug of war and one that I’ve helped hundreds of business owners just like you prioritize their way through in my content coaching and strategy business.

So in this week's blog post, I’m breaking down the 5 content projects that’ll make you the most money along with some extra tips about how to make getting them done easier, quicker and even more profitable.

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I work with a lot of business owners in helping them start and, more importantly, finish BIG content projects. I actually call myself a content coach-sultant because YES I’m here to coach you through making decisions that are right for your business and overcome internal and external obstacles stopping you from making progress…. BUT I’m also going to pull on my years of experience working behind the scenes of many of the biggest online businesses out there and use that experience give you tailored advice, strategies and resources.

So with that being said, what project are (quote unquote) worth it?

Well, here are the 5 content projects that’ll make you the MOST money and the order the I typically recommend tackling them too.

What are content projects?

First though, what are content projects—just to make sure we’re on the same page.

A content project is any business project that requires you to create and rollout a lot of content – whether that’s creating a new infoproduct, running a launch, creating a challenge, putting together an affiliate program, creating a new website – all of these are examples of projects that have a high content demand.

And these projects often compete with your ongoing content calendar. If you find yourself in a push/pull relationship with content projects versus ongoing content, hit like to let me know.

The thing with content projects is that you can become so creatively tapped out just getting out your content each week, that these projects tend so go on the back burner OR you’re so focused on these big content projects, that you ghost your audience and have trouble getting consistent with your ongoing content. My biggest skill is helping you balance both.

In fact if you want my FREE Content Project Planner, grab it below because a content project isn’t a regular project, it’s a cool project (sorry to anyone who isn’t an OG Mean Girls fan). And content projects require a different approach to managing and tackling them than regular projects too.


Content Project #1: A Paid Offer

Most people wouldn’t necessarily think of a paid offer as a content project. But even if it isn’t an information-based offer like a course or digital product, there’s still A LOT of content that has to prepped in order get it ready to launch.

Things like: your offer messaging (check my post on offer dockets here), your salespage, your sales emails, your social media posts to promote the offer, your delivery emails and purchase touch points. And if it is an information product – well time the content you need by 10 or more.

So carving out the time to create a new offer while doing content can feel like an impossible task… but it is doable and it is worthwhile. Because of all the projects on this list, without this one you’ll struggle to make a dime and even if you are reliant on brand deals and affiliate income, taking the time to create your own product will help diversify and safe-guard your income. So in my books, this is one of the first content projects to tackle.

Content Project #2: A Signature Launch or Promotion

The second project that I would tackle – and this isn’t across the board for every single business as some models are different – but for the most part, I think most business owners should have some kind of signature launch or promotion that they can pull out, update and run a few times a year.

A big misconception that I think people know is a misconception but fall into believing when it comes to their own businesses is that you don’t need to create a launch from scratch every single time you’re running one. You can use the same launch event, same emails and just make small tweaks or additions each time you run it.

In terms of the content deliverables for a signature launch, these would be things like: your sales event (like a webinar, challenge, video series, etc.), your sales event sign-up process, your sales event invitation emails and social media posts, your purchase system and offer salespage, your sales emails, your pre-launch content and interest list freebie.

My biggest piece of advice for this content project is to take an iterative approach. The first time you create and run this launch should be the biggest lift in terms of effort but what is the MVP of that launch. Maybe round 1 of the launch is just a flash sale with the purchase flow and sales emails. Round 2 adds in the sales email and sales event promotion. Round 3 is the interest list. And each round you add 1-3 things, and tweak things that didn’t work so well last time a bit.

Another big piece of this is to make sure you do a post-mortem review after each launch so you have the answers to what worked and what didn’t.

Content Project #3: An Evergreen Sales Funnel

The third project is one that I know VERY well and have first-hand seen the power of in thousands of businesses at this point through my agency and funnel course and that is an evergreen sales funnel.

The best thing about having a funnel in place BEFORE you go hardcore into publishing content is that it gives a PURPOSE to that content.

Think about it this way – you’re sharing content, the right people are seeing it but once they go to your profile and to your website, there’s nothing that leads them onto your email list or leads them to an offer. So as the world turns and the algorithm changes, they see your stuff less and less on social and because you have no other way of getting in touch with this PERFECT PERFECT lead, they’re gone. The opportunity missed.

Your evergreen sales funnel makes sure that doesn’t happen AND does 80-100% of the selling for you. The only reason I place it after a signature launch is that you learn so much about your messaging through a launch, that’s invaluable when you’re setting up your evergreen funnel.

In fact, my tip here is to “live build” your funnel and run it as a launch BEFORE you turn it evergreen and automated. Read this post for my approach to live building your next funnel >>

Content Project #4: Your Content Workflows

The fourth project is more of a systems project but it’s gonna make a big difference in your ability to publish content consistently and see the growth that comes from sustained content momentum.

I break the content system deliverables into the 4Ps including your planning systems, your production system, your publishing systems and your promotion systems.Grab my done-for-you content systems kit here >>

This content project is going to pay off both in terms of money ROI and time ROI – it’ll let you delegate pieces of your process when you’re ready and batch like tasks together. If it takes less time, you’re much more likely to create content consistently.

Content Project #5: A Lead Generation Funnel

The final project in my top 5 profitable content projects list is to create a lead generation funnel. I distinguish a lead gen funnel from a standard evergreen funnel by the purposes each has. The main goal and purpose of your evergreen funnel is to nurture, validate and convert leads. Whereas the lead generation funnel is to build your email list full of potential customers, ideally for free.

Your lead generation funnel deliverables include things like: the free offer, the thank-you page offer, the upsell and and order bump, the ad creative and campaign and other optimizers like abandoned cart sequences and a hot leads system.

Having a way to grow your email list will absolutely pay off – esp. if you can use smaller intro offers to offset the costs of attracting leads and have your evergreen sales funnel and signature launch take care of rest (while reserving all the sales from those 2 as straight profit)

Want my FREE template for planning your content projects?

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