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5 Ways I’m Using Chat GPT for Content Creation (Steal My Prompts)

Hailey Dale


I’m Hailey – content strategist and founder here at Your Content Empire where we help you create more profitable, purposeful and productive content — and hopefully enjoy yourself more while doing it too. Learn more about me here >>

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5 Ways I'm Using Chat GPT for Content Creation (Steal My Prompts) by Your Content Empire on the Content Coffee Break Podcast

This week on the podcast, I’m showing you 5 (plus a bonus) ways I'm using Chat GPT for content creation ⬇️

Ready to steal my prompts? 

Here’s what’s up for grabs: 

  • Insta Reels Magic: Harness Chat GPT to extract and format captivating hooks and captions tailored for your Instagram Reels.
  • Content Systems, the Lazy (Errr Easy) Way: Speed up content creation by transforming Loom recordings into actionable, streamlined content systems with transcription tools and Chat GPT.
  • SEO Stuff & Keyword Magic: Learn to wield Chat GPT for crafting SEO-optimized meta descriptions, pin titles, and pin descriptions that seamlessly integrate specific keywords.
  • No-Sweat Affiliate Promo Copy: Turn your promotional copy into personalized affiliate promo content and emails that resonate with a friend's perspective.
  • Content Planning, but Make It Fun: Exploit Chat GPT's prowess in brainstorming and idea generation, anchoring content around user concerns, objectives, and goals for effective content planning.

Also did you hear we're putting together a Halloween episode and want to share your content horror story? Hey there, spooky storytellers! Our Halloween episode is right around the corner and we're on a ghost hunt for your scariest content horror stories! Ever had a marketing mishap or a content calamity that sent shivers down your spine? We're dying to hear about it! Share your eerie tales (anonymously or not) and you just might hear it featured on our haunted Halloween episode! Drop your spooky stories via voicemail at https://www.yourcontentempire.com/halloween 


Welcome to the Content Coffee Break podcast. We just finished up Thanksgiving here in Canada, and I was leaning into all things fall. So, I made some apple butter and then I made apple butter buns, a variation on cinnamon buns: maple bourbon apple pie. We made maple bourbon ice cream, and I also went to a workshop on Friday about how to make a flower pumpkin. So, I'd been seeing these things all over Instagram: these pumpkins with flowers coming out of them. And I was like, “Oh my gosh, that's so pretty. I want to learn how to do that.” And then a workshop came up. We have this amazing garden center here locally, and it is like one of my happy places. It has a coffee shop, and you can sit on the patio and overlook the ocean. It is one of my happy places, for sure. So, I signed up for this workshop, and it was amazing. Not to take away from that, but I went in thinking we were going to learn this really cool technique for turning a pumpkin into a vase. And then I got there and it's, “Hey, we're going to be hot gluing these dry flowers to this pumpkin.” It was a lesson in learning how the sausage is made. It's so impressive from the outside, and then it's, “Oh, hot glue. Okay. Burnt fingers,” that sort of thing. But it was amazing, and I love what I created. However, it's just that whole experience of learning how the sausage is made, learning that internal process, that kind of takes away some of the magic of these different things. And guess what? Before I'd done the workshop, I didn't need to know how the pumpkin was made to be impressed by the flower pumpkins that I'd seen all over Pinterest and Instagram. And that kind of relates to this week's episode in a weird way. Here's the thing with Chat GPT: we're talking about the five things that we're using Chat GPT for our own content creation and for client content creation in the agency. Here's the thing though, no one needs to know how you got a little help from Chat GPT or whatever AI tool of choice to be impressed by the words in their final form. Right? So, it's like they don't need to know how the sausage is made to be impressed by the magic of what it is that you create. And that's kind of like my take on Chat GPT. You know, it's borrowed from Ashlyn Carter of Ashlyn Writes who compares Chat GPT to a junior copywriter, which I couldn't have said better myself. It's not necessarily going to write amazing words, but it gets you a start, and it's much, much easier to edit something than it is to come up with something in the first place. If you can have a little help getting started, you're all the better for it. And it's going to be so much quicker. With that being said, I don't know that I can say that Chat GPT saves a ton of time. Because I feel like I spend so much time writing, 'cause I'm not going to want to use that copy it spits out as is because it'll have way too many adjectives, only kind of sound like you maybe, and likely contain some incorrect information. But it's a great first start, right? It's a great first pass. And as someone who hires a lot of copywriters, I have incredible copywriters on my team, but we have also had some not so good ones that we've tested out as kind of like that junior copywriter role.

So, with that little preamble, let's dive into a little bit of a behind-the-scenes sneak peek on the ways that we are using Chat GPT to speed up content. The first thing is with planning. I think that Chat GPT is a great idea generator. You can put in some information like, “Hey, I'm creating this for this audience. Can you come up with 10 of the biggest worries, or 10 of the biggest problems, or 10 of the biggest objections, or 10 of the biggest goals?” I'm always a big fan of anchoring our content in the things that people actually want to read based on the problems they're experiencing and looking to solve, the goals they're hoping to reach and achieve, the objections or reasons why they think a process or a goal won't ever happen for them. And so, Chat GPT can be a great way of pulling together that information as ideas. So, we use it in the content planning process, especially if we are not super familiar with the client's industry or not super familiar with the nuances of that particular audience. We do primary market research, go through testimonials, and go through competitor research. But this is also a great way to synthesize it. And it's like a step that we've added in our process for the content planning piece of things. Think of it as a brainstorming partner; it's like another set of brains to think of things and look at things differently than you would and things that you might miss.

The second way that we are using it, and I'm going to give you a specific prompt for this one, is we are using it to clean up transcripts. I've talked about this before, but we use a process called content interviews in the agency where we tell our clients, “Treat this like a podcast interview. We're going to send over some questions ahead of time. And then all you just need to do is chat with us about that.” And then we send that to be transcribed, usually by Rev, and it's expensive. We probably spend upwards of $1,500 minimum a month on transcripts. However, with Chat GPT, we've cut that expense pretty much completely. So, we'll have Descript or Otter do an initial transcript edit of it, and then we'll have Chat GPT clean it up. And here is the specific prompt that we use:

“So, you are a professional transcriptionist. You have perfect spelling, punctuation, grammar, and know how to format transcripts correctly. I will paste a text for you to correct. You will add appropriate capital letters, periods, commas, apostrophes, and question marks where necessary and other punctuation marks needed. You will not make any other edits to the text. You will keep typing until the entire text is punctuated. Here's the text.”

So, just a way, when we were testing out Chat GPT previously to clean up transcripts for us, what we found is it would constantly summarize things and add weird words, super sounding professional speak rather than the way the client actually talked. The whole purpose of content interviews for us is not only are we finding a way to capture the know-how that's in their head and all the expertise that lives in there, but we also want it in the way they're going to say it so we can make your copy sound like you. And so, with this little prompt, A) we're saving a ton of money, and B) we are also able to capture the magic of that content interview process and have those words there. Our copywriters will review that and pull that into the copy, but they'll also listen to it too. So, it's not important that it's a 100% perfect transcript, but it is a really, really good start for it.

The other way that we have started using it, which is really cool, is we use it to create Reel content. What we do with it is use the advanced data analysis where you can upload files. So, you're going to need the paid account for this, but it is well worth it. You can go into your settings, go into the beta settings, and turn that one on. And what we will do is grab all of the text for 10 different blog posts. We have some hooks for Instagram; we have 30 that we go through. We'll upload this content and tell it, “Pull from this blog post underneath this header from this document to write a caption and write a hook message.” The prompt that we use for it is as follows:

[Here's an example.]

I'm creating reels for Instagram and want to use the following source material in the attached document to create a hook and caption pairing. The hook will follow the following formula, and the caption will be pulled from the document material with a short lead-in intro that ties back to the hook. It then contains the full tips and descriptions pulled from the copy. I'd like to focus on the content under the H2 header, “The Six-Figure Content Empire Blueprint.” Can you draft using this hook formula: “Breaking myths about [desired results]”?

So, we can put the formula in there for the hook, extract the document, and then write it based on that. Then, we can use the hook as the text on the video with a short, trending, looping audio and just B-roll footage as the video. The caption contains the actual information that's pulled from our document.

And so, we are really ramping up and measuring. We're doing a 90-day experiment over on Instagram for growth and for traffic. We'll be sharing all about that in a following episode about what happened as a result of those six reels a week. And then, we do one feed post a week as well. But that is what we're doing with that. That is how we are making that happen without having to create a reel, in all its cumbersome form, every single day. More on that later; I'll share more about that. But that's one of the ways we're using, leveraging Chat GPT to make that much quicker, and having it pull from our actual text and information.

Method number four is documenting content systems. It is for speeding up content creation because your systems are a really important part of that. We're coming up in “Your Content, Your Empire”. We have just wrapped up, or are wrapping up, the final week, the traffic, the attraction content systems this week. So, Pinterest, SEO, paid ads, all of that good stuff, as well as podcast pitching. Our final lesson next week has two things to it. Number one, we are bringing everything together into your quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily content systems. Then, we're talking about doing a little workshop on how to hire content help using all of the tools, templates for job listings, and the hiring process that I used in the agency. One of those things is to make sure you have your systems in place to make hiring and training someone easy. So, if you're struggling with this, one of the things you can do is record a video of you doing the task, get that transcribed, upload that transcription, and, first, maybe have Chat GPT follow that transcript prompt I gave you. Then, also, have it take that cleaned-up transcript and have it pull out the steps and create a process out of it. That's how we've been using it to speed up the systems, especially if you're good at narrating what you're doing. Just record a Loom video and do that. So, that's another way we are using it.

And then, one of the final ways we are using it is to SEO-optimize copy and anything kind of keyword-related. We also use it for pin titles and descriptions. Basically, having the keywords, having the description, and the title of what that thing is, and having it write meta descriptions because you're able to set a character limit. For instance, “Hey, I'm writing a meta description for this page title. Here are the two to three keywords. Can you craft a meta description with this character limit using these keywords?” You can also use it for pin descriptions, pin titles, or anything where you need to integrate certain keywords, and you're worried about how to do it. You could also upload paragraphs and have it say, “Can you add the keyword into two spots here?” for increasing the keyword frequency in the copy of your post. So, anything like that is another way we are using it as a low-hanging fruit for on-page SEO optimization for pages and blog posts and for any keyword work for Pinterest.

Another way we're using it, a little bonus method here, is we recently launched the “Biz Bestie Clubs”. It's our affiliate program, just for past customers, as a way to get them paid for sharing products they already know and love. But also, like “Biz Bestie Bucks”, get them rewarded so they can save up those extra “Biz Bestie Bucks” towards future products they have their eye on. One of the things we provide them with is affiliate copy. It doesn't necessarily need to sound like us, so we can upload our promo copy and have them rewrite it from the perspective of a best friend sharing your product or offer and adding in their story. That's another way we use it for affiliate promo copy, affiliate promo emails, and that sort of thing.

In wrapping up, dive into Chat GPT and explore it a bit. No one needs to know the magic behind how you got there, but you can use it in smart ways with the right prompts to really speed up your content creation.

So, with that being said, if you aren't from Canada, Happy Thanksgiving! If you are, Thanksgiving is coming up in November, so happy early Thanksgiving! With that being said, we have our Halloween episode coming up at the end of the month here, and I want to know your content horror stories. Did you launch something and it totally flopped? Did someone steal all your content? Gosh, I hope not. But come and share your horror story in a voicemail to me over at “yourcontentempire.com/halloween”. That'll bring you to our little voicemail there where you can tell us all about it, staying anonymous or not. But we want to share those campfire content stories in that Halloween episode. So, I will see you next week and happy content creating!

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