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Take a look at a few of our case studies below:

Your Content Empire - Lauren Bongiorno - Testimonial

Lauren Bongiorno,
Diabetic Health Coach

Lauren is an author and diabetic health coach who coaches and creates resources for people with Diabetes all over the world. She’s a leading voice in the online community to her 30k followers, as an ambassador for Lululemon, on the global council for Beyond Type 1, and was recently nominated by Pure Wow as one of the Top 100 entrepreneurs to watch for 2019 for her work in the diabetic space.

+ Added 1490 People to Email List

+ 52 Sales Calls Booked with a 6.86% Conversion Rate

The Problem

Before We Started

Like a lot of entrepreneurs, Lauren has different offers and ways that she work with clients. She offers coaching (private and group) as well as products (like her Diabetic Health Journal). She felt like she was constantly being pulled between her different offers when it came to choosing which to promote and like she bouncing between one to the next.

+ 108 Sales with a 9.76% Conversion Rate

8X ROI on Paid Ad Spend


What We Did

We developed 2 evergreen sales funnels and then incorporated a funnel stacking strategy that would transition subscribers from one funnel to the next one. The first funnel was for the Diabetic Health Journal and the second was a consult-call funnel for her coaching. We also set-up, tested and optimized a Facebook ads campaign for her.

“As an entrepreneur, I've learned to surround myself with people who have skills that I lack. FB ads and email funnels were something I knew I wanted to be doing in my business but I had no idea where to start. I put it off for a while because it was outside my comfort zone, and it wasn’t until I found Hailey that I felt confident moving forward with them. Hailey took the reins and created a system for me that was not only profitable, but really helped me create more space in my day to work on the things that are in my zone of genius!”

Nicola Testimonial Headshot

Nicola Taylor
Artist & Digital Product Creator

Nicola is a fine art photographer and the founder of The Maker's Business Toolkit where she helps makers and artisans build businesses around their creations. Her flagship offer is The Maker's Yearbook, a planner and goal setting workbook designed especially for artists, makers and handmade business owners. And she also offers a membership, Maker's Momentum Club, which is a membership community for artists, makers, and handmade business owners who are ready to roll up their sleeves and take action to find more customers, create a consistent income and run a profitable business.

61.31% Conversion Rate for Opt-In Page with Cold Traffic

90% ROI within first 8 weeks of testing the funnel

The Problem

Before We Started

Nicola sells a planner (The Maker's Yearbook) and runs a membership (Makers Momentum Club). And currently, the majority of her sales for the membership come from upsells on the Makers Yearbook which means she's getting the majority of her new members in a 5-month window from September to January. She'd like to create an evergreen sales funnel to bring new members in year-round.

  • NCreated quiz content (questions, results)
  • NCreate quiz sign-up content (opt-in gate, result pages)
  • NWrote welcome emails and check-in emails
  • NSet up quiz funnel in her email and quiz software
  • NDesigned and wrote promo images and copy for quiz

2.57% Conversion Rate in the Funnel

$3.31 Earnings Per Lead (With a Low-Ticket Offer)

The Solution

What We Did

We wanted to choose and create a freebie that would provide a lot of value, help her segment her audience in order to best serve them and get more members into Makers Momentum Club (while growing her audience in preparation for the annual planner launch too). From countless conversations with her members and customers, Nicola knew that her audience struggles with overwhelm and prioritization most of all and so we designed a quiz to help solve that problem – The Momentum Builder Quiz. The best part about the quiz was that she was able to pull the quiz into the membership itself to provide a tailored curriculum for new and old members on what to focus on first in the membership.

  • NWrote quiz follow-up & membership sales sequence
  • NWrote upsell sequence to upgrade members to annual tier
  • NRan funnel through testing and optimization protocol
  • NDesigned 3-month traffic strategy to launch sales funnel
Makeda - Testimonial for Your Content Empire

“When I reached out to Hailey, it was early in the pandemic in 2020.  Hailey came in with all of her funnel knowledge, and created the best funnel ever!  Her process was so smooth and I looked forward to my calls with her. She was patient and walked me through exactly what I needed and when I needed it. Hailey's a genius – she used pieces of my current content, and captured my voice so well. I'm so happy to have worked with Hailey, the investment was really worth it and I'm a fan for life!”

– Makeda Mutema-Newton

Mallika Malhotra for Your Content Empire

“Hailey came recommended by one of my mentors. I have been on her email list for a few years and she is a leader in sales funnels and content creation. We created an evergreen webinar sales funnel system to sell my self-study​ Brand Confidential program. Hailey was truly an expert and knew exactly what needed to get done. She took control of our conversations, asked questions and created a plan of action. She was very organized and systematic. She has a deep understanding of all the tech tools and back-end products needed to create the funnel.”

– Mallika Malhotra

Amber McCue for Your Content Empire

“We recently had the honor and joy of working with Hailey and her team on a sales funnel in our business. It's actually been more than a year at this point and we continue to refer back to the work that we did with Hailey over and over again. And the return on investment and the gifts that Hailey poured into the work has paid for itself over and over again. So if you have any questions, two thumbs up for the Your Content Empire team. Thanks Hailey and team!”

– Amber McCue

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Your Content Empire - Andi Smiles - Testimonial

Andi Smiles,
Bookkeeper and Educator

Andi Smiles, small business financial consultant and coach, teaches rad business owners to take control of their finances so they can step into their personal power. She’s helped hundreds of self-employed folx organize and understand their business finances, while also uncovering their emotional relationship with money. Using her signature income forecasting process, Andi helps her clients identify their big wild dreams and create a profit plan to get there.

+ Added 1082 People to Email List With Promoted Pins Campaign

$10.22 Earnings per Lead

The Problem

Before We Started

Andi has a lot of content already created and wants to find a way to leverage it in a more automated and evergreen way instead of continuing to create more and more, week after week. She’d also like a way of selling her main program (Bad Ass Business Finance) and smaller offers; getting them in front of her existing (and new) subscribers on a more regular basis. Would like to be getting 10 sales per month when right it’s only sold through live launches.

+ Scaled Funnel to Goal of 10 Sales Per Month

370% ROI within initial testing and optimization phase


What We Did

We initially developed a forever funnel system which included 3 x 6 week email sequences (5 weeks of themed value emails followed by 1 week of offer emails) that alternated between selling her main program (Bad Ass Business Finance) and smaller offers. We also set up an evergreen promoted pins campaign to her opt-in so she could continue adding people to her email list while stepping back from regular content creation. She’s since hired us to create 2 more sequences meaning she has 30 weeks of automated content that nurtures her audience while selling her offers.

“It's a complete funnel setup, from the strategy, content creation, setup and testing, everything is done for you so you don't have to worry about the funnel. I know I can make a funnel myself, (although not as good as you I'm sure) but I'm at the point in my business where I need someone to implementing things for me. I like that you advocated for me to not create more content and figured out ways for us to add bonuses into the offers that were content that I had already created. I loved having everything setup for me and I especially love that there's a testing phase. If there wasn't I know I would get this thing setup and completely forget about it.

Dee Gautham for Your Content Empire

Dee Gautham
Health Coach

Dee Gautham is the Founder and Head Coach at the Boss Body Revolution. Her mission is to transform the weight loss industry by using evidence-based methods and food psychology to help women lose weight sustainably and effectively. Dee is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and has personally coached 200+ women worldwide.

+119 Sales Calls Booked Within Testing Protocol Period

47.2% Conversion Rate for Opt-In Page with Cold Traffic

The Problem

Before We Started

Dee was expanding her coaching program by bringing on new coaches so that she could help even more women reach their fitness goals through her signature method. She wanted to build out an evergreen sales system to keep her client pipeline full of potential clients for herself and her coaches.

  • NCreate a new signature freebie to help audience stop emotional eating
  • NWrote and designed opt-in content (opt-in page, thank-you page)
  • NWrote welcome emails and check-in emails
  • NSet up consultation call invitation funnel for thank-you page

7.56% Funnel Conversion Rate to Sales calls

$0.42 Average Cost Per Lead for Paid Ads

The Solution

What We Did

We created and implemented a consult call funnel and paid ad strategy to attract more leads, validate that they’re a good fit for the program and invite them to apply for a consultation call. See more details below:

  • NWrote follow-up & consultation call invitation sequence
  • NRan funnel through testing and optimization protocol
  • NDesigned 3-month traffic strategy to launch sales funnel
  • NRan 4-week paid ad campaign to generate leads for testing funnel
Maggie Patterson testimonial for Hailey Dale of Your Content Empire

“I hired Hailey when I wanted an outside perspective on my content strategy, particularly my funnels. Hailey is extremely through and thoughtful in her feedback. She doesn't hold back and really wants to help you succeed. In working with Hailey I felt like I had a trusted advisor on my team, not just a service provider who viewed our interaction as transactional. Hailey's enthusiasm and experience are a winning combination.”

– Maggie Patterson

Mallika Malhotra for Your Content Empire

“I'm very happy with this funnel seeing how well it converted for our digital products shop with lower price point (comparing to online course) + doing it organically (no paid ads). It's very comforting knowing that you and your team is handling everything about the funnel from the email sequences to the creation of the PDFs, implementation on MailerLite, getting traffic ideas, and making sure that it's running smoothly after that. I'm especially impressed with your follow-up, so it's not just creating a funnel and that's all I'm on my own, not knowing if the funnel will bring in any ROI or not. It's definitely so worth the investment!”

– Kathie Wiehanne

Katie Hunt testimonial for Hailey Dale of Your Content Empire

“Hailey is a content wizard. I reached out to Hailey because I needed help organizing and systematizing our email sales funnels so that we were consistently providing the best content to our audience. We had a lot of existing content, but we weren't leveraging it as best we could across email, social media and the blog. Hailey took inventory of everything we had, she organized it and built new systems and she even put together written instructions that I added to our company manual for my entire team to follow. Since we implemented Hailey's plan three weeks ago, we've seen a 160% increase in the number of new email subscribers. Plus, open rates, click throughs and engagement are up. Hailey is thorough, professional and a pleasure to work with. Hailey offers thoughtful strategic plans as well as execution; I can't recommend her highly enough.”

– Katie Hunt

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