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Profitable Sales Funnel

Let us create a brand new sales funnel or optimize an existing one for you

Want a Sales Funnel that Converts?

Let’s make it happen

You have a great offer—in fact, word of mouth is one of your best sources of new business for a reason—and you’re ready to uplevel your business. But your current approach just isn’t sustainable. Even if you have some automations in place, you’re still spending way too much hands-on time chasing leads and clinching sales.

But… when it comes to the thought of creating a comprehensive, automated sales system…

  • You don’t exactly know where you should start but know you want a trusted expert to partner with
  • You don’t have the time to learn and set up all the pieces needed for a sustainable sales system 
  • You don’t want to be one of “those” marketers who uses pushy, manipulative sales tactics

Your Profitable Funnel is a completely done-for-you sales system package where we design, create, set up and optimize your entire sales system for one or more of your paid offers.

What Makes a Sales System Different from a Sales Funnel?

A sales system is your entire sales ecosystem of traffic, leads, sales, and delivery.


That includes everything from your lead magnet to follow-up emails, to your sales emails, purchasing, and delivery. 

It integrates all of these pieces (and more) together so the entire experience is cohesive, consistent and branded intentionally. A well-crafted sales system is scaleable and sustainable: it automates routine tasks and can be adapted easily as your business strategy evolves. 

A sales funnel, while important, is just one part of your sales system. And a funnel is most effective when designed with the overall sales system in mind. 

Plus if you have more than one offer, your sales system covers all of these offers and how they interact.


What Makes This a No-Brainer Solution

Getting the right offer in front of the right people at the right time

It’s not about appealing to everyone, it’s about designing an intentional customer journey that helps people decide one way or another whether your offer is right for them at this time.

Being confident that your sales system you have in place actually works

A not-so-secret secret of the online marketing industry is that most people have a funnel, but most of them do not work. Besides our experience of having built and consulted on 100+ sales funnels, we also run your funnel through our signature testing protocol to optimize it for conversions and fix any issues.

All the writing, design and implementation is completely done-for-you

You’re involved for all of the fun parts—the strategy, brainstorming, and reviewing the final materials— without having to do the heavy lifting. It’s the ultimate business owner power move. We strategize your sales system together but you’re off the hook for the execution of it.

I decided to work with Hailey because I wanted an email funnel that actually converted. And within the first 3 months of launching, we’d enrolled more than 50 new members! I loved that Hailey took control of everything. From the copy to the graphics, as well as actually putting the funnel together for me in my email provider service, I loved that I could be hands off and she took care of the rest. Not only is she excellent at what she does and professional, but she is a pleasure to work with. I will definitely work with Hailey again as my business evolves.” 

Alli Elmunzer

Let’s Get Your Automated Scaleable Sales System Selling For You….

Your Content Empire is the done-for-you sales system agency of choice for online business owners who want more traffic, leads and sales. We’ve built and consulted on 100+ sales systems for coaches, course creators, membership site owners, service providers and more.

How The Process Works

Our 6-Phase Profitable Sales Funnel Process


We start by designing the overall strategy for your funnel and project plan or if we’re optimizing an existing funnel, we’ll also start with an audit


Then we reverse-engineer the perfect freebie to attract and validate high-quality leads


Next, we craft a value-building email sequence that woos and converts your prospects into buyers


Then we set up and test your funnel to make sure everything is hooked up and ready to go!



We create a marketing strategy to attract oodles of traffic to your freebie and your funnel



Finally, we test, measure and tweak your sales funnel to ensure it converts


Lauren Bongiorno, Diabetic Health Coach

108 new members within 3 months

9.76% Conversion Rate

3.4X ROI on Package Investment within 3 months

Elizabeth Meyer, Salt Project

Elizabeth Meyer, Salt Project

101 sales within 3 months

5.4% Conversion Rate

4.2X ROI on Package Investment within 3 months

Kathie Wiehanne, Bluchic

Kathie Wiehanne, Bluchic

23 sales within 2 months

5.11% Conversion Rate

85.4% ROI within 2 months

Andi Smiles

Andi Smiles, Bookkeeper

Achieved Goal of 10 Course Sales Per Month

Added 1082 People to List Through Promoted Pins

3.69X ROI within Testing Phase

All the Details

What’s Included

  • 4 x 60-minute strategy and content interview calls
  • Design and development of your opt-in gift, opt-in page, thank you page and welcome email
  • Copy and development of your email sequence leading from freebie to offer (up to 8 emails including the welcome email)
  • Set-up and tech configuration of your funnel in your email service provider (forms, email sequence, automations)
  • Testing protocol of your sales funnel designed to recapture all or part of your investment within weeks of launching your funnel (at least 400 current subscribers required for this portion to be included)
  • 3-month traffic strategy and editorial calendar to launch your evergreen sales system
Your Content Empire - Your Profitable Funnel - Funnel that Converts


All The Details

    To Create a Sales System Around 1 Paid Offer

    Starts at $6000 | Broken Down into 3 or 6 Payments

    To Create a Sales System Around 2 Paid Offers

    Starts at $7500 | Broken Down into 3 or 6 Payments

    To Create a Sales System Around 3 Paid Offers

    Starts at $9000 | Broken Down into 3 or 6 Payments

    “I knew that I needed a funnel in order to sell my course on autopilot and I also knew how much work a funnel takes and that I needed outside help to bring the funnel to life! Hailey went above and beyond to help me and kept the big picture of my business in mind not just the funnel. While working with Hailey, 15 students did enroll in the funnel, and it was really beneficial to see how to build, test and run a funnel so I know for the future! Hailey will go above and beyond to have this be a successful funnel. She knows allllll the parts of creating a funnel. The strategy, copy, tech, content! There’s so few people that know everything and that is such a huge benefit of booking this!!” 

    Nevica Vazquez

    Take the First Step Here

    It all starts here with a conversation about your sales funnel and goals

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What’s the process?

    When setting up a brand new sales system, we start by creating your sales strategy including an offer messaging map and detailed project plan. Then we create a new lead magnet (think: PDF, webinar, quiz, etc.) from copy to design to writing the opt-in copy. Next, we complete the offer phase of your funnel including your follow-up email sequence, salespage audit and setting up your purchase flow. Finally, we set up your sales funnel, create a 3-month marketing plan to help you get your freebie in front of the right people and run our signature testing protocol to earn you some immediate ROI and help us optimize every step of the funnel.


    How much of my time will this take?

    Although it isn’t an entirely hands-off process on your end (we infuse your voice and expertise into every piece within the funnel), all of the writing, design and set-up is handled for you. Through the strategy sessions, we’ll get the base content needed for the funnel through my content interview process and then you’ll review and approve the pieces as they’re sent to you! Averaging out past client experiences, each phase of the package (there are 4 of them) will require about 2-3 hours of your time including the 1:1 meeting, pulling additional information, and reviewing materials.


    How long does the process take?

    The exact timeline depends on a lot of factors (timing to get feedback on deliverables, when your calls are scheduled) but generally it takes around 12 weeks before the funnel is up and running. The monitoring and optimization phase then continues for the next 3 months.


    How do I get started? What are the next steps?

    First step is to click here and schedule a 20-minute consultation call. That way we can make sure this package is the right fit for your project and business. If it’s a match, we’ll decide on a date and you’ll receive the first invoice and contract! And once those are wrapped up, it’s onto the intake form, welcome party and scheduling our first 1:1 session.


    What if I don’t have an offer yet?

    The process works best for offers that have a track record (aka you’ve sold this offer before and have gotten positive feedback). So I would recommend creating the offer first, beta testing it or creating a launch for it, and then circling back. I’d love to work with you but want to make sure you’re set up to succeed and the right offer is crucial to make that happen!


    What if I have a brand new offer?

    Similar to my answer above, this process works best for offers that have a track record (aka you’ve sold this offer before and have gotten positive feedback). If you have a brand new offer, we can tailor this package to be a launch funnel or I’d recommend starting by DIY’ing a content campaign (you can get guidance here in my content mentorship program).


    What if I have a brand new offer?

    I’d recommend checking out my content mentorship program.

    Your Content, Your Empire takes everything I do in my agency with 1-1 clients—from sales funnels to consistent content creation to traffic generation to marketing systems—and provides step-by-step know-how, take-and-make-your-own templates and access to me as your virtual mentor for all of your “what about this?” questions.

    The program is broken down into 9 modules, taking you through setting up a sales funnel that works, supporting and scaling that funnel with traffic and creating a content strategy that’s tailored to you and easy to outsource.

    You can sign up for the wait list here (we open enrollment a few times throughout the year):


    “Hailey is a content wizard. I reached out because I needed help organizing and systematizing our email sales funnels. Since we implemented Hailey’s plan three weeks ago, we’ve seen a 160% increase in the number of new email subscribers.  Plus, open rates, click-throughs and engagement are up. Hailey is thorough, professional and a pleasure to work with. Hailey offers thoughtful strategic plans as well as execution; I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

    Katie Hunt, Tradeshow Bootcamp

    Your Next Steps

    If you want a done-for-you sales system to attract a steady influx of high-quality leads and nurture them up to an invitation to work together or purchase your too-good-to-miss offer, this package is for you!

    Here’s what to do now:

    Click the “I’m ready” button below
    Choose a time to chat about your project and offer
    Add the appointment to your calendar and let’s start discussing your project!

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