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Content On-Demand

Done-for-you monthly content creation for business owners who are the faces and voices of their brand.

Want Your Own Content On-Demand?

Your wish is our command 🧞

There are some who call us content genies. Because we’re able to take the ideas from your head and turn them into brilliant content magic.

You know—the kind of content that grows your audience, generates engagement and makes you money all at the same time?

We’re talking the full-meal content deal: blog posts (or podcast episodes), social media, emails, images, paid ads, Pinterest and more.

All strategized, created and scheduled. So you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Feel like those content calendar deadlines keep sneaking up on you?

Know you need a way to keep your audience growing and engaged but struggling to find the time to do it yourself?

Have you tried outsourcing before but it was a DISASTER—it just added more work to your plate between redoing everything or pulling all of the pieces together?

Want peace of mind knowing that your content is handled, sounds just like you, and is scheduled ahead of time?

We can help you strategize, create and publish monthly content that gets big results (think: sales, email signups and website visitors) – so that you can take content all the way OFF your plate and put your focus where it’s needed.

Your Content Empire - Testimonial - Marissa Lawton

After following Hailey for so long, I completely trusted her knowledge and abilities. So when my business grew beyond what I could handle on my own, it was a no brainer to reach out to her for help. I feel like Hailey really gets me. I’ve gone from to control freak to maybe almost too relaxed since bringing her and her team on. The growth trajectory I had carved for myself seems much more predictable. Hailey has harnessed my raw energy and purposefully channelled it to do the most good for my business. The funnel that I had envisioned in my head is not only completely built out, but is functioning extremely well. I have over 50% conversion rates for my landing pages. My tripwire sells at over 6% and my end product sells at over 3%.


Here’s How We Can Make That Happen

You Deserve The Peace of Mind That Comes From Knowing Your Content Is Handled by The Pros.

All of our content packages begin with a content audit (to establish benchmarks) and a strategy call (to learn about your goals and create a plan to reach them)

Every month, we have a strategy call to hone in on the goals for the month and create the editorial calendar

If you’re creating podcasts, we send speaking notes for the topics for you to record. Then we handle the rest: the editing, the show notes, the images, the description, newsletter, social media and scheduling.

If we’re creating written blogs, we have a content interview to gather the info from you. Then we handle the rest: writing the posts, the images, newsletter, social media and scheduling.

We also manage your main traffic generators to grow your audience, including paid ads, Pinterest, and creating/scheduling social media content.

Finally, we send you a monthly marketing report so you can see how the content is performing and what adjustments we’ll make for the next month.

The Content On-Demand Advantage

In Addition To All The Time You’ll Save By Outsourcing Your Content For Real This Time, You’ll Also Get…


Rain-or-shine consistent content that supports whatever launch or promotion goals you’re currently working on—all done for you from start (the strategy) to finish (the scheduling and measurement)

A partner in strategy to help you create your monthly content and marketing plans to hit your traffic and sales targets—plus implementation support ready to go and at your disposal.

Getting your content in front of more eyeballs without you needing to lift a finger—we manage your paid ads, Pinterest strategies and social media calendar, too.


Here’s What’s Included in the Content On-Demand Package


    Monthly strategy call to design the overarching strategy for your content and marketing, plus go through the results from the previous month

    4 Blog Posts or Podcast Episode Production:

    Write 4 blog posts OR edit 4 podcast episodes plus accompanying images, social media calendar, newsletters, and scheduling each month

    Sales Funnel Management and Optimization:

    Monthly optimization and measurement of evergreen sales funnel

    Extra Projects:

    In addition to 1.5 hours of flex time to use for sales system optimization and on monthly projects of your choice, you’ll also get access to extra support at preferred rates

    BONUS: Pinterest Management:

    Monthly management, pin creation and strategy for Pinterest account

    BONUS: Paid Advertisement Management (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Google Ads):

    Monthly management, creative and reporting for paid ad campaigns (up to 1 new campaign per month)

    $2,000 per month

    (3-month minimum commitment)

    “What a lifesaver. I started with just an idea and then with Hailey’s help, we created a strategy, process and all the content to go along with it. The support and inspiration I have received is priceless! Hailey helps take care of everything I need for content – strategy, sales funnel and systems, graphics, podcast editing, social media, batching…You name it, she brings it to life.”


    Ready for YOUR all-in-one content done-for-you dream team?

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I’ve tried outsourcing my content before and it only caused more work for me. How is this package any different?

    Many clients come to us having been burned by trying to hire content VAs who needed lots of supervision or contractors who didn’t have a process in place for capturing both their expertise and brand voice. We’ve built this process around our signature content interview technique that ensures the content we create is pretty much the way you’d create it yourself (only you didn’t, because you have better things to do!).

    I’m worried this isn’t going to pay off for me or have an ROI for my business. Is this worth the price?

    As a smart and savvy business owner, you know that anytime you make a decision to invest in something, it should either have a benefit in either time or money. So not only do we do monthly measurement reports that show how the content we’re creating for you is performing, we also optimize your evergreen sales funnel (in fact, we’re a big believer that your content needs a purpose and usually only take on clients who have a sales funnel or system in place for us to support because we’re obsessive about getting you ROI). In addition, the things we take fully off your plate give you back the time to spend on more valuable tasks, whether that’s business or pleasure.

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