Your Content, Your Empire

A powerful online program to help you create profit-aligned content, get clients and sales on autopilot and build a devoted online community.


TRUTH TIME – you’ve been struggling with marketing for awhile now.

In fact, these might hit a little close to home…

  • Being constantly stuck in overwhelm and disappointment when it comes to planning, creating and publishing your content
  • Feeling pressured to always choose between working in your business on paid work versus on your business on marketing and longer-term goals
  • Asking “Is there any point to all this or am I just writing to myself” because they’re not seeing results when you do manage to put out content
  • Feeling like other successful entrepreneurs have something “figured out” when it comes to creating content people flip out over

And you know that if things keep going this way, you’ll have to face the reality that maybe this business is just never going to get you a full-time income, let alone, help you reach those dreams of financial freedom you had when you first started your business.

Building Your Business The Content Empire Way = More Ease, More Impact, More Income.


What if it didn’t have to be like this? I know it might be hard to imagine, but what if instead you could…

  • Finally free yourself from feast-and-famine client cycles because you have a consistent and reliable sales process for attracting new leads and woo’ing them into making a purchase
  • Achieve content quo meaning that you’re creating amazing content on a consistent basis in less time because you’re backed up and supported by rock-solid content workflows and systems
  • See higher and higher revenues each month because of your intentional and profit-aligned content strategies
  • Have crystal clarity because you’ll know exactly what tactics and strategies to use to reach your sales and web traffic targets and how to use them whether it’s paid advertising, guest blogging and collaborations, social media platforms and Pinterest

Ready to Build Your Profitable Content Empire?

Pay in Full – $1497USD or Payment Plan – 12 monthly payments of $150USD

Creating content is now planned, strategic, organized, and yes, easy.

“I was completely lost when it came to my content and how to make it work for me. Seriously, not even the crickets would show up! Thanks to Hailey, I went from a designer wondering where all my people were, to creating targeted content that not only attracts but shows my audience that I’m the expert and go to person! Creating content is now planned, strategic, organized, and yes, easy.”

Yasmine Robles, Robles Design

I'd recommend Your Content, Your Empire for any online business owner who isn't seeing the traction they want for their business

“I’ve had more interest and calls because of I’m able to put out more content, positioning me as an expert. I’d recommend Your Content, Your Empire for any online business owner who isn't seeing the traction they want for their business, who wants to create a system that brings them clients instead of constant hustling, and who wants to feel in control with their content delivery rather than second guessing and hoping for the best!”

Sophie French, Sophie French Creative

Introducing the Content Solution You've Been Looking For…

Your One-Stop Shop to Creating Incredible Content that Connects

Your Content, Your Empire is an 9-module program where you’ll learn how to transform your blog, newsletter and any other type of content you create from ho-hum to a hot money-making machine!

You’ll learn the exact content process that I use for myself and with my 1:1 clients that has helped many of them go from a couple hundred dollars in sales per month to regular 5-figure months in less than 90 days.

And this isn’t your typical online course or program, either. So don’t expect to sit back, watch hours of videos, do tons of “homework” and think maybe someday I’ll get around to actually using this.

This isn’t that course. All of the videos, workbooks and workshops are designed to get you CREATING and actually using what you learn in your business immediately.

This is not just another course that will sit in your inbox collecting dust.

Inside You'll Get Instant Access to…

  • 9 on-demand modules with videos, worksheets and templates so that you can go through them (and back through them) anytime you’d like
  • Monthly coaching calls so that you have a place to get one-on-one support and feedback
  • Monthly coworking sessions so that you can work through the modules together with accountability from other empire builders
  • Private Facebook group for support between calls, connecting with other students and getting feedback anytime
  • Hand-picked bonuses like the Profitable Sales Funnel Generator, Profitable Launch Plan Generator, DIY Content Empire Kit, Annual Content Planner to help you take action and start implementing immediately (value: over $1500 USD)
  • Lifetime access to the program including live rounds of the program (which occur annually at minimum) as well as any updates

Let's Break It Down Even Further…

Module 0 - Content Empire Prep School

  • Assemble, categorize and audit your existing content assets into a content bank that you can repurpose, reuse and repromote
  • Identify clear content marketing objectives that are measurable as a starting point for the rest of your content strategy
  • Identify your benchmark numbers using Google analytics (and set up good measurement practices and systems)

Module 1 - Your Flagship Freebie System

  • Map out your reader to client journey so know exactly what problems they need solving and how to speak in their language
  • Choose an idea for your free offer that you can’t wait to create and that will attract your dream clients
  • Validate your freebie idea so you don’t waste time creating a freebie that your dream clients don’t care about
  • Create your free offer from start to finish
  • Set up a high-converting opt-in page, a high-value thank you page and set up a delivery system for your freebie

Module 2 - Your Irresistible Offer System

  • Create your outstanding offer docket so that you have a go-to reference file with all the copy you need to attract your dream clients to your offer
  • Map your sales funnel strategy that leads from your freebie to your offer
  • Outline and write your email sequence following my step-by-step process and builder templates
  • Build your sales funnel and make it live!

Module 3 - Profitable Planning (Editorial Calendar)

  • Choose your content categories and develop an inventory full of juicy topics you can’t wait to create content around
  • Plan and create profitable content campaigns to drive revenue with content in your business
  • Create an editorial calendar to guide your content production, publishing and promotion

Module 4 - Brilliant Blogging Systems

  • Choose a blogging style (written, video or podcast) that best serves your needs
  • Create your weekly content bundles
  • Implement a checklist of blogging best practices so that your posts are optimized to attract and convert traffic
  • Create your blogging style guide
  • Develop a blogging workflow to document each step of the blog publishing process and integrate with their editorial calendar to form the foundation of their content empire.
  • Employ a blog batching technique each month to plan, create and schedule a month's worth of content in a week

Module 5 - Email Marketing Mastery

  • Create a newsletter calendar with a perfect mix of nurture to promo emails
  • Implement email marketing best practices to increase open rates and click-through rates
  • Write nurture emails that boost community and engagement
  • Craft sales emails with confidence
  • Create an email marketing workflow and style guide to add to your overall content empire systems playbook for streamlined email marketing

Module 6 - Savvy Social Media Systems

  • Compare the different purposes and best practices of social media channels and identify the ones that best serve your content marketing strategy
  • Set up a Pinterest marketing system that supports and generates traffic in minutes a day
  • Create your weekly social media execution plan and integrate it with your content empire systems for less time spent on social media while seeing better results

Module 7 - Paid Traffic Blueprint

  • Compare the different principals of paid advertising and identify the ones to best serve your current content marketing strategy.
  • Calculate the profitability potential of a paid advertising campaign.
  • Confidently execute a profitable paid advertising campaign 
  • Plus receive access to 2 bonus courses for Facebook advertising and Pinterest advertising!!

Module 8 - Guesting Genius Methods

  • Understand how to leverage other people's audiences and create win-win collaborations!
  • Create an outreach strategy and integrate it with your Content Empire
  • Craft and send a pitch email with confidence

Melissa Holloway testimonial for Your Content EmpireThis course was incredible and I’ve literally said many times to people that this was the best money I’ve ever spent.

“Back in November, I enrolled in Hailey’s Your Content, Your Empire course. This course was incredible and I’ve literally said many times to people that it was the best money I’ve ever spent. I’ve seen more traffic to my site. More subscribers and sales I wouldn't have gotten had I not joined YCYE. Hailey has never asked me to give her a shout out or write a testimonial, I am doing this because I’ve been in business for 3 years and it was only since working with Hailey that I started to feel I could really a living out of my business – not just a hobby”

Melissa Holloway, Melissa Holloway

The course helped me focus on building and launching the Orgasmic Manifesting System (which was very successful!).

“Before Your Content, Your Empire I would record my podcast episodes the same day that I released them. I didn't put any offers on the podcast or link it to my website or any products that I sell. The course helped me focus on building and launching the Orgasmic Manifesting System (which was very successful!) I’ve started running facebook ads and leading a weekly webinar. My concrete results include having an online course out there in the world and a reliable system for selling it each week!

Laurie-Anne King, Orgasmic Manifesting System

Ready to Build Your Profitable Content Empire?

Pay in Full – $1497USD or Payment Plan – 12 monthly payments of $150USD

Join for 30 Days – 100% Risk Free Trial

If you complete the first 3 modules and are not 100% satisfied, then you can simply send us your completed work and request a refund within the first 30 days. Full refund, no questions asked! See full terms here.

Hailey's availability to us during the course was unmatchable to anything I have experienced in the online world.

“I already started promoting Your Content, Your Empire to anyone who remotely mentions the words: content, strategy, funnels! Everyone should have this course! Apart from the amazing content, I loved Hailey’s availability to us during the course was unmatchable to anything I have experienced in the online world. Not only was she available to answer any questions we had (and knowledgeable about it) but she went beyond even when we were asking questions not related to the topic at hand.”

Maria-Ines Fuenmayor, Maria-Ines Fuenmayor Design Studio

Your Content Empire Contributor - Dawn MenaHelped me to create a product and sales funnel that I'm over the moon excited about – and my clients are too!

“Before Your Content, Your Empire, I had lots of content, but was very unorganized. I didn't have strategies or systems in place for planning and implementing copy to attract clients and make more money. Now my editorial calendars went from sloppy to serious. My blogging has become much more focused. And the clarity I gained during the program about my own talents helped me to create a product and sales funnel that I'm over the moon excited about – and my clients are too! ”

Dawn Mena, Captivating Copy

Meet Your New Content Strategy Partner

Hailey Dale, Founder + Chief Content Officer at Your Content Empire

With a master’s degree in communications and 13 years under my belt working with very large to itty-bitty businesses to grow their revenues through content, I know it’s essential to be both strategic and creative if you’re going to cut through the noise.

The results I’ve gotten for my clients speak for themselves and today I combine my hands-on experience having built and consulted on 100+ sales funnels through my agency and share all the deets of what’s working right now through my signature program, Your Content, Your Empire.

Ready to Build Your Profitable Content Empire?

Pay in Full – $1497USD or Payment Plan – 12 monthly payments of $150USD

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