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All or Some of The Following Describe Your Current Content Sitch

You already have a team member or 2 but are ready to start outsourcing even more

But you’re not quite ready to hand over core content creation (these are your ideas so you want to see them through from idea to finished post, episode or video)

You’ve had bouts of being consistent with content in the past and you know how good things get when you’re putting out great content on the regular, but still, trying to do too much yourself is screwing with your ability to get and stay consistent

You see yourself as the one creating the content and doing the final quality control checks but outsourcing most of the rest


Where to Focus Your Efforts First

At this phase, it’s time to start getting intentional about who you’re going to bring into your business to help, what your own role is going to be and what type of support you’re gonna need to hit your next business goals.

“Do what you do best, and outsource the rest.”  

– Peter Drucker

#1 – Map out your content dream team

Get a clear idea on what your *dream* content strategy looks like – what would you do if you had more time or expertise? Then make a list of what you want to spend your own time on content-wise. Everything else is what you’re hiring for.

With that in hand, map out your content dream team including what positions you need in place and what those folks will be doing (check out the blog post below in the resources section for inspiration).

#2 – Find the Right Person

After you’re clear on who you want to hire, decide on whether you want an all-in-one team or want to hire each position individually. If hiring one by one is the road you want to take, check out the resources below for my complete hiring process and Content VA hiring spreadsheet template.

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Get Started

A Resource Custom-Made For You

Step 1: What makes up a content dream team? Learn some positions to hire for and what each can do for you in this post: How To Hire And Train Your Content Dream Team

Step 2: Then read or watch this blog post to get my process for hiring your first content VA and hiring templates that go along with it for free!

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