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All or Some of The Following Describe Your Current Content Sitch

You know that trying to keep doing everything yourself is only stopping you from growing

Plus, you feel like you keep running out of time when it comes to executing your content plan, putting off your launch plans and working on those projects you know will pay off big

You’re comfortable with the idea of paying someone for 1-5 hours a week, for now, to help with your content (as long as it’s the right person)

However, you’re feeling a little overwhelmed on where to start when it comes to finding and hiring the right person


Where to Focus Your Efforts First

At this phase, it’s time to start getting your business ‘Content-VA-Ready’ by making sure your content processes are documented, templates are set up and you have checklists or walkthroughs for everything you’d like to delegate.

“Start before you’re ready!”  

– Marie Forleo

#1 – Document your content process from top to bottom

Go through your content creation, publishing and promotion process from start to finish to make sure you’re set for handing over a well-documented workflow to your new hire. 

Remember that the main goal of this hire is to “clone yourself” and add more time back into your day to focus on higher-value tasks (like strategy, networking, sales, etc.) so take the time to be as detailed as possible with your systems. 

#2 – Find the Right Person

After your systems are in tip-top shape, now you’re ready to move on to finding and onboarding the right person. Start by designing the position, then craft the job offer and then evaluate and onboard your top pick. Check out the resources below for my complete hiring process and Content VA hiring spreadsheet template.

Your Content Empire - Your Profitable Funnel - Mug Paris

Get Started

A Resource Custom-Made For You

Step 1: If you still need to get your content systems documented, grab the Content Empire Planning Bundle for help with planning your content strategy and guided support for documenting your content workflows

Step 2: Then read or watch this blog post to get my process for hiring your first content VA and hiring templates that go along with it for free!

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