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How to Choose and Create the Perfect Funnel Freebie

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How to Choose and Create the Perfect Funnel Freebie

A question I get all the time about opt-in and funnel freebies is “How can I make sure my freebie idea is something that'll actually appeal to potential subscribers? I always spend a lot of time creating these and then no one opts-in.”

We want to make sure that your freebie validates and vets potential customers for you. You have to make sure that you're creating something that relates and precedes your paid offer. If it doesn't, then moving people from free gift to paid offer is going to be more of a matter of luck than strategy. Also you're going to end up with a list of full of people who will never become your customers.

Here's an example: A web designer who only sells done-for-you web design packages probably shouldn't waste their time creating freebies that teach people how to build their own websites. Instead they might be better off creating freebies that prepare people to work with them. Like a website content planner, or a website and brand visualization exercise.

How to Choose Your Freebie

With that said – here are 5 approaches to choosing a freebie that’s going to validate leads for your paid offer.

  • Lite version of your paid offer – gives them a taste
  • Prepares them for your paid offer – primes and prepares them
  • Focuses in on ONE aspect of your paid offer – delivers 1 small win or transformation
  • Inspires them about what’s possible for them – gets their wheels turning
  • How can tap into and amplify buyer intent – gets them to take action right away

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

Always figure out the transformation you want to deliver before deciding on a format. People tend to get really carried away and excited about the format and the purpose gets a little lost in the process.

Once you have an idea that you’re excited about – look at it through these two perspectives:

  1. Would someone pay money for this? (If yes, carry on)
  2. Is it simple enough that someone will get a win within 10 minutes of using it?

27 Format Ideas for Your Funnel Freebie

Once you have the transformation that you want deliver via your freebie nailed down, then it’s time to consider formats.

Here’s a giant list of possible formats as a resource…

  1. Checklist – walking them through a process
  2. Cheat Sheet – at-a-glance reference sheet
  3. Planner – to map out a project, day or event
  4. Free Consult – to get personalized support on a specific issue
  5. Template – to tweak and make their own so they don’t have to start from scratch
  6. Tutorial – a video or photo walk-through of a process
  7. Swipe files – copy that they can take and tweak isntead of starting from scratch
  8. Script – a verbal script to follow in a consult call, interview, webinar, etc.
  9. Video or series – a training video on a particular topic (or series of related topics)
  10. Toolkit – a collection of resources around a topic
  11. Email course – a day-by-day training with bite-sized lessons and instructions
  12. Resource list – a useful list of tools or links around a particular subject
  13. Workbook or worksheet – a guided exercise to help them get their ideas or thoughts out about a particular subject
  14. Printable – a single-page resource or planning sheet
  15. Inspiration collection – a group of images or links to things that can inspire them when creating their own versions
  16. Resource library – a password protected area of your website that houses all of your freebies or content upgrades
  17. Calculator – a tool or formula to guide you in coming up with a number that you need to know (i.e. BMI calculator, ad spend calculator, wedding bar requirements calculator)
  18. Guide – a written ebook that teaches or surveys a particular area or topic
  19. Webinar – a live or pre-recorded training video that’s usually around 60-90 minutes
  20. Audio recording – a file they can download to listen to (i.e. Meditation, podcast episode, interview)
  21. Quiz – questions they can answer to learn more about themselves or a situation that generates a result
  22. Challenge – a mini training accompanied by a daily prompt to take action, usually done with a group
  23. Digital art print or wallpaper – digital art that you can print or use a background for your computer or phone
  24. Free trial – A temporary membership to your software, tools or training
  25. Case study – an indepth look at someone who has achieved something that you’d like to achieve and how they did it
  26. Generator – a form that helps them create something by simply answering a series of questions (read more post here)
  27. Membership – entry into a group or community, or a free level of a membership community

Once you’ve chosen your freebie, what’s next?

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