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“Hailey is a content wizard. I reached out to Hailey because I needed help organizing and systematizing our email sales funnels so that we were consistently providing the best content to our audience. We had a lot of existing content, but we weren't leveraging it as best we could across email, social media and the blog. Hailey took inventory of everything we had, she organized it and built new systems and she even put together written instructions that I added to our company manual for my entire team to follow.

Since we implemented Hailey's plan three weeks ago, we've seen a 160% increase in the number of new email subscribers. Plus, open rates, click throughs and engagement are up. Hailey is thorough, professional and a pleasure to work with. Hailey offers thoughtful strategic plans as well as execution; I can't recommend her highly enough.”

Katie Hunt
Proof to Product

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