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“I loved the monthly mastermind studio hours where we talked about what's working or what we are needing help within our businesses and getting feedback from the group. I also loved the co-working time we did during this time as I felt the most productive working with other people. Of course, having the 1:1 calls with Hailey topped everything for me. I work best with a plan and Hailey always knows how to flesh things out and put in down on paper so you know exactly what to focus and work on. This year has been about clarity for me. I now know exactly where I'm headed going into the new year and have everything down from now through the first quarter and all I need to do is take action.

Hailey is so knowledgeable and generous and you have no choice but to succeed if you show up and then take action. This mastermind is different in that it is really intimate and there are so many opportunities to stay involved from weekly huddles, workshops, co-working sessions, fb community, etc.”

JoAn Richardson
Network Marketing Coach

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