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Day 1: Your Content Summer Break Plan


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Previously Submitted (& Answered) Questions

Clarifying the term "campaign" as we use it in this Take Back Summer Challenge

Question: I am not sure about word “campaign”. Do you mean only organic content or also paid campaign (FB Ads etc.)?

Using this in the non-profit space without a designated sales phase of the content campaign

How can I adapt this to a non-sales approach? I work for a non-profit and our co-founder does the sales pitches in person. My role for social media is just to post informational pieces about what we are doing and why, not seeking donations or anything like that. Is there a campaign format that would still work for us? I'm looking to take off a week at the end of this month and a couple of weeks in July. Currently the goal is to post three times a week to FB and Instagram, and eventually Pinterest too.

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