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You’ve Been Bitten by the Perfectionism Bug

You have lots of half-finished drafts started but nothing feels good enough yet to see the light of day

You’re waiting until you have everything together before really getting going on your content strategy (not quite ready yet)

You feel a little uneasy about people seeing your content and what they’re going to think about it (and you and your business by association)

Don’t relate to any of these? *Glitch* Head over here to see the other consistent content secrets. If this is so you—carry on reading, friend.

But here’s the thing to remember—no one is looking for “perfect” content (such a thing does not exist). Your content simply has one of two jobs to do: help people or entertain people and if you do either of them, your content is good enough to share.


Quit Perfectionism

First and foremost, a minor mindset shift can help make all the difference. Instead of thinking, “I have to create incredible content that everyone loves,” shift your focus to, “I want to create content that’s as helpful as possible.” It’s an instant pressure reliever when our primary goal becomes “find a problem my people have, then solve it with my content.”

“Done is better than perfect” 


– Sheryl Sandberg

Another big help? Practice makes better than perfect. Practice makes published. Know that with every piece you publish (and prove to yourself doesn’t make the world implode), you’ll get more and more comfortable sharing. So embrace the uncomfortable beginning knowing it’ll make way for confidence through doing.

Finally, set up a system for stockpiling positive feedback. Anytime someone responds back saying how much your content has helped, or lets you know what they like about it, save it. Then whenever you’re feeling the doubts come on, take a digital stroll through the feedback to remember: this is why you’re creating content – to make a difference and help people.

When you focus on helpfulness first with your content, everything else (like the doubts, the sales and the audience growth) takes care of itself.

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Your 7-Day Challenge

Just Publish One

The most powerful thing you can do to break the content perfectionism curse is to get into the practice of publishing. So for the next 7 days, my challenge to you is to do just that: publish one piece of content every single day.

It can be anything—a blog post, a video, a social media post, a story. Doesn’t matter. The whole point here is to practice hitting that publish now button.


Here are some suggestions for getting started:

(1) Find a half-finished draft of content or even something that’s done but that you haven’t shared before

(2) Give yourself a set amount of time to “finish” it (I like to use a 25-minute pomodoro timer and cap it at that)

(3) Publish it

That’s it. Once you’re finished, that’s mission complete for day one. Rinse and repeat for the next 7 days.

Hi, I’m Hailey 👋

A content genie (some say), founder of Your Content Empire and strategist who helps business owners get consistent with their content and build their 6-figure content empires on their own terms.

With the belief that great content is 20% strategy and 80% get-the-damn-thing-published, I’ve designed the 6-Figure+ Content Empire Foundation— a customizable framework that blends strategy with systems and has helped thousands of business owners (just like you) build money-making content empires on their own terms.

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