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You’re Stuck in an Overwhelm Cycle

You’ve got a ‘downloads and courses’ folder that contains oodles of things you could be working on—but you’d love some direction on what you should focus on first.

And you’re inundated with people saying ‘you‘should be doing this’ and ‘you should be doing that’ (often contradicting one another) so it feels impossible to know where to even begin and who’s giving you the right advice for your business and situation.

You really don’t want to waste time on the wrong strategy or platform and are eager to get things working like yesterday.

Don’t relate to any of these? *Glitch* Head over here to see the other consistent content secrets. If this is so you—carry on reading, friend.

But here’s the thing to remember—you’re the ultimate authority on how you get to do business. If you wanted to listen to someone else, you could have done the easy thing and worked for someone else, right? So it’s less a matter of picking the “right” thing and more about picking the “now” thing to try.


Get Outta Overwhelm

First and foremost, a minor mindset shift can help make all the difference. Feel into the truth that clarity only comes through taking action—not thinking about taking action. You’ll never know if something is going to work (even if so and so says it will) until you try it with your business, your offers, your audience and your work styles. There are just way too many variables for any one-size-fits-all solutions to work for what you’re trying to build.

“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” 

– Zig Zigler

Another big help? Practice taking action—even if it feels like you’re not doing right, not seeing results (at first) and not doing it perfectly. Especially as you’re starting to build out your content systems and workflows, see everything as an opportunity to experiment. And start keeping a running list of experiments on hand to choose from. (Although if you do want a framework as guidance, check out my post here. Just always remember – do what works for you and leave the rest!)

As far as systems go, your best bet is to set up a really simple measurement system so you can track and see the effects of the actions your taking. Only measure the most important things right now like traffic, subscribers, call bookings and sales.

When you focus on taking more action, everything else (like the doubts, the sales and the audience growth) takes care of itself.

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Your 7-Day Challenge

Just Try One

The most powerful thing you can do to break the overwhelm curse and get into action is to start taking action – no matter how small it is. Take on one mini experiment for the next 7 days and publish it. Reflect on how it feels and what happens. And then try another.


Here are some suggestions for getting started

(1) Make a list of mini experiments (here are some ideas to get you started: publish a blog post, go live on IG or Facebook, reach out to potential referral partners, create social media posts for your free or paid offer and then schedule them to post over the next couple of weeks)

(2) Pick one per day to try (I recommend doing it first thing in the morning to make sure it gets done)

(3) On the next day, reflect how it felt and what happened

That’s it. Once you’re finished, that’s mission complete for day one. Rinse and repeat for the next 7 days.

Hi, I’m Hailey 👋

A content genie (some say), founder of Your Content Empire and strategist who helps business owners get consistent with their content and build their 6-figure content empires on their own terms.

With the belief that great content is 20% strategy and 80% get-the-damn-thing-published, I’ve designed the 6-Figure+ Content Empire Foundation— a customizable framework that blends strategy with systems and has helped thousands of business owners (just like you) build money-making content empires on their own terms.


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