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You’re in Need of Motivation Fix

It feels hard to stay motivated to work on content when you bust your butt to get something posted and no one seems to care or respond. You’re wondering, “what’s the point?”

On top of that, it feels like there are so many other things pulling at your attention and aren’t they more important if your content isn’t really making a difference anyways?

Deep down, you might wondering what’s wrong? Is your messaging off? Are your topics duds? What are you missing?

Don’t relate to any of these? *Glitch* Head over here to see the other consistent content secrets. If this is so you—carry on reading, friend.

But here’s the thing to remember—even if you just help one person, your content has done its job. Plus, oftentimes, there are far more people reading and seeing your content than are commenting. So lean into that strategy, measure more than just the outward response and focus one just helping that one person (more will definitely follow).


Find Your Motivation

First and foremost, a minor mindset shift can help make all the difference. Instead of thinking, “My content has to help X many people,” shift your focus to, “I just want to strive to help one person with my content and if it does that – check.” It’s an instant pressure reliever (and also really easy to do) to just focus on one person and letting that be your motivation.

“The secret to staying motivated: Focus on what you’re doing, not what you’re trying to achieve”

– Marie Forleo

But easier said than done? Nope! It can be as simple as finding a question that someone is actually asking (related to your business offers, of course) and then creating a piece of content that answers that question and sharing it.

One of the big things that trips business owners up is the curse of knowledge – meaning that you think what you’re sharing is too basic for anyone to care because you’re an expert in it. But to that person reading, you’re blowing their mind with the information and how you break it down.

I’d encourage you to embrace a new system for planning your content and topics. Step into your new role of Question Hunter and stockpile the questions to use as your content topics.

When you focus on helpfulness first with your content, everything else (like the doubts, the sales and the audience growth) takes care of itself.

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Your 7-Day Challenge

Just Help One

The most powerful thing you can do to find your content motivation source is to get into the practice of responding and connecting your content to a real person. So for the next 7 days, my challenge to you is to do just that: find one question to answer a day, create a piece of content and then respond back to that person.


Here are some suggestions for getting started:

  • Find spots where your ideal clients or customers hang out and browse for a recent question that’s totally in your wheel house.
  • Create your piece of content (as a response to that question)
  • Respond back with it.
  • Find your question to answer the next day.

That’s it. Once you’re finished, that’s mission complete for day one. Rinse and repeat for the next 7 days.

Hi, I’m Hailey 👋

A content genie (some say), founder of Your Content Empire and strategist who helps business owners get consistent with their content and build their 6-figure content empires on their own terms.

With the belief that great content is 20% strategy and 80% get-the-damn-thing-published, I’ve designed the 6-Figure+ Content Empire Foundation— a customizable framework that blends strategy with systems and has helped thousands of business owners (just like you) build money-making content empires on their own terms.


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