Smart move, empire builder! 

You're officially IN for the 2023 Content Empire Mastermind—a 6-month incubator running from January 2023 to June 2023 for business owners who want to elevate their businesses and reach their business goals through savvy content marketing strategies.

More information is headed to your inbox right now (including how to get started right away). If you don't see that email within the next 15 minutes, please email

I cannot wait to work with you in 2023!




Here's What Your Next 6 Months Looks Like

Every month, you’ll take a quick assessment on our topic for the month and then based on that assessment be given a tailored-to-you project plan for the month. During these virtual retreats, we’ll have hands-on walkthroughs, coworking time to make progress on your project and ample time for personalized feedback.

By the end of our 6 months together, you’ll have the following solidly in place for your business:


Custom Measurement Dashboard

In month one, we're achieving clarity and focus, by pairing your 2023 business and content goals with their leading and lagging KPIs. Then we're building a customized measurement dashboard to you can use to ensure you're staying on track (or adjusting, when needed) with your goals.


A Proven Evergreen Sales System

In month two, we're giving your content a purpose by setting up your evergreen sales system for your signature offer so you can attract your dream clients (or customers) using your flagship freebie and convert them into actual clients with an intentional and automated follow-up system.


A Repeatable and Scalable Traffic Plan

By month three, we're ready to scale up your traffic using my signature EASE content strategy method to help you get your content (and offers) in front of more of the right people without burnout.


Your Capsule Content Collection

In month four, we'll design your capsule content collection so you can focus on creating (or repurposing) high-quality, cornerstone pieces of content that you can leverage again and again so can quit the content hamster wheel.


Your Content Operations Manual and Workflows

In month five, we're fine-tuning or creating your content operations manual so you can efficiently outsource your content. We'll also design your content VA role which you can use to start hiring, training and delegating without the typical hiring headaches. 


Your Signature Launch

Even with all of the evergreen systems we've set up, in month six of the mastermind, we're building your signature launch suite (the plan, the emails, the launch event, etc.) that you can pull out and run anytime to create massive momentum for your offers without having to create and run a launch from scratch.

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