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40 Ways to Promote Your Next Launch

First – What is the PESO model?

The PESO model was originally introduced by Gina Dietrich of Spin Sucks for the PR and media world. But it's a powerful content marketing tool too, especially when applying it to your launch strategy.

Here's what it stands for:

P – paid traffic strategies

E – earned traffic strategies

S – shared traffic strategies

O – owned traffic strategies

My favourite thing about it is that it makes sure that you're utilizing all different types of promotion methods instead of just putting all of your eggs in one basket. Like instead of going ALL-IN with Facebook ads, you can make sure you're leveraging earned traffic strategies too!

The 3 Things to Promote During a Launch

During your launch there are 3 levels you want to promoting:

Your offer (as in the thing you're selling)

  • Your pre-launch content (the blog posts)
  • Your pre-launch freebie (the opt-in gift for signing up for your offer interest list and/or a webinar)

Most people just think about the offer itself and forget all about the importance of the pre-launch campaign (check out my post about designing a prelaunch campaign here). But your launch promotion period actually starts 4-5 weeks before you even open your cart and begin enrolling people.

40 Ways to Promote Your Next Launch

As I mentioned above there are 4 types of traffic strategies and below are 10 ways you can use each of them to promote your next launch.

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Paid Traffic Strategies for Your Launch

1. Click-through Facebook ads to your pre-launch blog posts

Ensure you have tracking pixels and a custom audience for website traffic set up so that when people visit these blog posts (and your site), they're added to that custom audience. Meaning that you can retarget them later on in your launch campaign.  Set up click-through ads for all of pre-launch blog posts.

2. Conversion Facebook ads to your launch freebies

During the pre-launch period, your main goal is to grow your offer interest list as large as you can before you start selling your offer. Run Facebook ads to your freebie to cold traffic (based on interests in other Facebook pages), to your email list and to your website traffic. You can also set up a custom audience on your launch freebie thank you page to exclude anyone who's already signed up.

3. Retargeting ads to your offer

Once you get into your launch cart period, you can be re-targeting people with your Facebook ads who have visited the site, visited the sales page, or who are on your interest list. Set up a Facebook ad for your offer that links directly to your sales page. You won't be targeting any cold traffic with this ad unlike the previous two Facebook ads. At this stage of your launch (the open cart phase), your main priority is converting your interest list.

4. Utilize Google remarketing ads

It's a common marketing rule of thumb, that people interested in your offer need to see it at least seven times before they're ready to take action and purchase. By setting up Google remarketing ads, you can target anyone who's visited the sales page for your offer with ads when they're visiting other sites.

5. Sponsoring podcasts

This one will require a bit of foresight, but create a list of podcasts that you know your ideal audience listens to and then approach them with a sponsorship opportunity to promote your offer during the open cart phase.

6. Affiliates

Reach out to past students, customers, and clients. And if you're launching a new offer, this could be clients or customers from similar offers. They've experienced your brilliance first hand and have the results to show for it, so they're the perfect paid partners to help you spread the word (and get a gift in exchange for it).

7. Pinterest ads to your freebie

Pinterest is one of those places where there's a ton of opportunity right now. As Facebook ads and Google ads get more expensive, Pinterest ads are uncharted territory in comparison. Set up a conversion ad for your freebie to send to new leads (based on their interests) and to retarget to your website traffic. Just a note: Pinterest ads are promoted pins that can last forever, so having something to redirect that traffic to once the launch is over (if your content is coming down and won't be live anymore) – maybe an interest list or a related offer?

8. Pinterest ads to your pre-launch posts

Similar to the Facebook click-through ads to your pre-launch posts, ensure you have tracking pixels set up so that when people visit these blog posts (and your site), you can retarget them with the freebie ad.

9. Other Paid Social Ads

Depending on your audience and what you're launching, other social platforms may be more suited. Consider running LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram ads if that's where your perfect launch customers hang out.

10. Paid Content Promotion Tools

For your prelaunch blog posts, get more eyes on it by using third-party content promotion tools – like Outbrain, Revcontent, Quuu or similar tools out there. These are channels like specifically meant to help get your content out and in front of people. Like the Pinterest ads, you want to make sure that you're leaving enough time for this and start it really early during your pre-launch period.

Earned Traffic Strategies for Your Launch

11. Podcast Interviews 

Similarly to sponsoring podcasts, you can also pitch podcasts that you know your target audience for your launch will be listening to. This will require some foresight because the time between pitching a podcast to recording a podcast to have a podcast episode released can take awhile. Plan ahead and pitch early. When you're recording the podcast, always bring it back to a theme related to your launch offer.

12. Being a Guest Expert in Facebook Groups

Getting more common is to do live trainings to other Facebook groups. Approach owners of groups with your dream customers and offer to be a guest expert for a week using videos, lives or prompts. Win-Win-Win. The members get your high-value free content, the owner of the group gets help with engagement and you get to make an offer at the end about your launch.

13. Guest Blogging

Just like with podcast interviews, you'll want to plan ahead and pitch your guest posts early so you can time publishing around your launch time. In your about me bio, send readers to your pre-launch freebie opt-in page.

14. Joint Venture Webinars

One of the fastest ways to grow your audience is to tap into other people's audiences. Find the right person and ask if they'd like to do a joint webinar. It's pretty common in these arrangements to either share audiences (you send your people to their webinar sign-up page and they send their people to yours) or if you're just doing the webinar to their audiences to offer an affiliate deal on any offers sold to the host.

15. Host or Participate in a Summit or Series

I've recently just co-hosted a series (Selling with Generosity) where we had 30 guest experts. I've heard from many of them who were coming into a launch that they were able to leverage the interest and feedback from their content in the series for the launches.

16. Lend Your Expertise to Another Program

Another great way to get in front of potential customers for your launch? Offer to be a guest expert in another program.

17. Joint Venture Bundles

Reach out to business owners with complimentary offers to create a joint venture bundles. If the offers have a similar price, enhance each other and are for the same potential customers, create a super bundle (and a can't-miss opportunity for your new customers!)

18. Host Guest Posts (or do a round-up)

So guest posting….but reverse. Another way to get in front of other people's audiences is to host them on your website or blog either in a guest blog or in a round-up. Doing this will help you create connections with other business owners and their audiences (when they promote the feature or post). This is an easy way to proactively arrange earned traffic.

19. Offer Affiliate Opportunities to Influencers

This is a hybrid earned and paid traffic strategy. Reach out to leaders in your industry (or related industries) with their own audiences and offer them an affiliate partnerships.

20. Attend an Industry Event or Tradeshow

Another great way to earn media is to attend industry events or tradeshows where the who's who in your industry is hanging out. This is more of a long-term strategy but if there's an event during or close to your prelaunch period, attend and engage with attendees before, during and after the event.

Shared Traffic Strategies for Your Launch

21. Enlist Launch Cheerleaders

Connecting with other business owners and making business friends is a key strategy for your business regardless of when or if you're launching something. But during a launch, reach out to those people and ask them to help you spread the word about your offer or launch freebies. And make it really easy by supplying graphics and swipe copy that they can easily share. Also make sure that you're going out of the way to return the favour!

22. Social Media Campaign

This one's a given, but show up and engage on the social media channels your ideal customers are hanging out on. For each phase of your launch campaign, have a set of messages to share consistently.

23. Leverage Your Thank-You Pages

Carefully consider how you use your thank you pages. During the pre-launch, make it really easy to share your content with their friends or others who they know will find it useful.

24. Update Your Social Media Profile Links

For all of your social media profiles and groups, change your links, pinned posts and cover photos. You can do this at multiple times during your pre-launch and launch campaign – when you're freebie is released, when the webinar is coming up, when the cart opens, early bird is ending and when the cart is closing.

25. Run a Contest to Ramp Up User-Generated Content

Can you run a contest for your pre-launch freebie that rewards people for sharing? Increase your reach by providing an incentive for sharing! Consider making it a contest where the more times they share the more entries they get for this giveaway.

26. Offer a scholarship

Similar tot he contest idea, run a scholarship for your offer that relies on (a) people sharing stories about why they deserve and want it; and (b) spread their message to their own networks. You'll probably want to assign a method for receiving the applications or monitoring them via hashtag.

27. Live Social Video 

Use Facebook or Instagram live videos to spread the word about your launch. These will work best if you find a value angle – behind-the-scenes of your offer, a tour of the offer (or a single feature), a Q&A.

28. Unlock Bonuses for Sharing

For your pre-launch content, make special bonuses available for sharing your content with their network. Different from a giveaway where there are one or two winners selected, this bonus gets unlocked for anyone who shares (just make sure it's a bonus that people actually want).

29. Sharing with Your Networks

Can you leverage your social-based networks to spread the word? Think Tailwind tribes, Instagram pods, round-up community or even your personal Facebook page profile.

30. Share in Facebook Groups

Find Facebook groups where you know your dream clients hang out and promote your offer directly (in the promotion threads or your own post if promotion is encouraged) or indirectly (sharing behind-the-scenes updates or posts with valuable tips or tidbits that relate to your offer).

Owned Traffic Strategies for Your Launch

31. Write Blog Posts

During the pre-launch period leading up to your launch, you can write weekly blog posts on a theme related to your offer and that lead to your launch freebie or webinar. Once you launch, you can write another blog post about the offer itself.

32. Website Placements

This one is often overlooked, but update your website so that your offer is highlighted in crucial placements on your site – sidebar, about page, homepage, menu, banner, ribbon, contact page, coverpage (first with information about the freebie and then with information about your offer once the launch campaign begins).

33. Email Signature

Customize your email signature with a line about your offer – so any emails being sent include a link to it.

34. Pre-Launch Email Marketing

In lieu of your regular newsletter, switch things up by sending weekly emails about your pre-launch content. Talk about your latest pre-launch blog posts and your freebies. Anyone who engages or clicks on the links in your emails, have them tagged or added to your launch interest list. The goal of email marketing during the pre-launch period is to grow your interest list as large as you can.

35. Launch Email Campaign

Once your cart opens, start sending sales emails to your interest list. You may send a couple to your entire list (and if they engage move them to the interest list), but for the most part market your offer to the people who've indicated that they're interested. You'll be sending emails about your offer (announce the cart opening, the features, the benefits), about results (from past participants, your own results, testimonials), announcing special offers (early bird, expiring bonuses, cart closing), and extra opportunities to engage with your about the offer (webinar or Q&A call). The goal of email marketing during the launch period is to convert your interest list.

36. Add a Pop-Up or Slide-Up

Make the most of your website traffic by directing them to your offer. Think of your launch pop-ups as traffic controllers that get people to the place you want them to go.

37. Personal Outreach

Create a list of at least 10 people you think would be perfect for your offer and add anyone who sends you messages or questions to that list. Reach out to them during the launch, tell them why you think they'd be a great fit and offer to jump on a call if they have questions and link them to the salespage to learn more. Also reach out at important points during the launch to people you've already connected with – like at the early bird ending or cart closing.

38. Place an Ad in Your Launch Freebies

At the back of your launch pdf, place a full-page ad about your offer and have it direct to the salespage (or a coming really soon page where they can sign up to be notified when it does open). Or if you're doing a video, have a button at the bottom that links to the salespage.

39. Build Your Interest List Year-Round

Have an interest page available all the time so that even when you're not launching, you're collecting leads. Plus, if you have freebies or content upgrades related to your launch have these tag or add people to your interest list when they download them.

40. Related Offer

During your launch, have a link (or mini ad) to your offer on the bottom of related blog posts. During your pre-launch campaign, add links to your pre-launch freebie and content at the bottom of related blog posts.

Download this PESO Launch Promo Planner

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