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15 Best Ways to Give Your Email List a Growth Spurt

It’s a fact… people are obsessed with whatever’s new, bright and shiny. An opt-in that works really for your business one month may have completely lost its luster by month two. 

There’s many reasons this happens, perhaps you’re promoting it in all the same places so the people who are interested have already jumped on board or maybe your great idea have inspired others to reinvent it as their own. Whatever the case, while the slow and steady certainly will build your list, it’s the burst activities that will help you reach your list size and engagement goals more quickly. 

Another benefit to changing up your opt-in on the regular is that it gives you an opportunity to reaffirm to your existing list that you’re going to consistently bring them more and more value. 

My own content systems includes having a “flagship” freebie for 3 months and then run 2 other “growth spurt” activities during each quarter as well. 

Here are my 15 favourite ideas for list-growth activities that you can use to give your list a growth spurt:

  1. Create a free challenge 
  2. Create a mini course
  3. Run a contest
  4. Create a new quiz
  5. Create a new opt-in 
  6. Create a video series 
  7. Hold a webinar
  8. Host a Google Hangout
  9. Coordinate a Summit where subscribers get multiple freebies from you and other online businesses in similar or related niches
  10. Write a popular blog post and create a content upgrade (or add one to an existing popular post)
  11. Launch a monthly magazine using your own and guest posts and interviews
  12. Write a guest post 
  13. Facilitate a twitter chat (make sure to connect it back to your list where possible)
  14. Hold an in-person workshop where people can sign up for your list
  15. Create an opt-in the involves a holiday (i.e. Christmas, New Years, Halloween)

What is your favourite way to boost your list size?

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