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The Content Habit App

The app that helps you turn content into a habit.

Never feel guilty about being “inconsistent” with content again.

If you struggle to get (and stay) consistent with your content, it’s time to change how you approach it. This daily content app helps change content from a whack-a-mole to-do list task that keeps coming back into a trackable and stackable habit you can get better at, quicker at and enjoy more.

Build up visibility and momentum the easy (and sustainable) way.

Create your daily content habit → Start sharing more content → Get more visibility, momentum and audience growth → Translate visibility into sales and opportunities!

All in just 25 minutes or less a day.

The Content Habit App

For any business owner who struggles to create content consistently OR who has big content projects on their plate but is struggling to find time to fit them in.

The Content Habit App is a daily content journal that provides daily prompts to guide you in creating content you can then use directly in your business.

It tracks your consistency, your progress through the daily writing prompts and has timers to motivate you to stay focused and finish your writing for the day on time.

Here's what you get → 

365 daily content prompts

Daily content prompts to cover you for an entire year so you never have to wonder what to write about.

Monthly Content Project Kits

A growing library of content project kits so you can use your daily writing habit to accomplish big content to-dos on your list.

Habit-Building Tools

Built-in tools like a habit tracker and a stopwatch so you keep yourself on track and watch your content habit grow over time.

How The Content Habit App Works

You get access to daily prompts as well as monthly content project kits that help you make small and steady progress towards bigger content projects such as blog posts, promotional email sequences, launch promo copy and more. Here's how ↓

Content Habit App - Choose Your Daily Prompts - Typing


Choose your daily prompt

The first step is to choose one of the provided-for-you prompt kits so you can not waste any time deciding WHAT to write and get down to creating your content. Here are your options:

  • Make it easy by going to the next prompt in the daily prompt kit
  • Continue with one of the project kits you're already working on and go to the next daily prompt
  • Choose a new project kit such as a blog post, sales sequence, etc. to begin using your daily content habit to make progress on a bigger content goal
One of 365 daily prompts unlocks daily and new project kits are added every single month.


Complete Your Daily Content Prompt

The second step is to complete your content prompt by simply answering the questions in the daily prompt form. Here are your steps:

  • Decide on how long you want your daily content habit sprint to be (I recommend 25 minutes) then start the stopwatch in the app
  • Answer each of the questions in the form
  • Hit submit on the form and your daily writing will be sent to your inbox so you can use it later
When you complete a prompt, it'll also be added to your habit tracker so you know how many days you've been consistent with your content habit!


Process Your Daily Writing

The third step that I recommend doing on a weekly basis is processing your daily content habit writing. Open each completed post and decide whether to:

  • Edit it by going through the 4-phase editing process (you'll find the checklist in the app)
  • Saving it for later (maybe you want to compile a few posts together into something bigger or publish it some other week or month)
  • Delete it (sometimes there'll be pieces you don't plan on sharing and that's okay too! Sometimes the habit is just about the practice).
Add your “keepers” to your content bank or hit publish and share them right away!
Do you want an endless amount of prompts to create content around so you’re never “stuck” for ideas? Do you want a way to fit in those bigger content projects and make progress even if you don’t have large amounts of time to do so? Do you want to have more content to share even if you feel like you’re starting from scratch?
The Content Habit App - Your Content Empire - Testimonial - Carina

“I’m actually excited to sit down and write.”

“Your content sprints are pure gold, as I’m actually excited to sit down and write. I love your system and I am so much clearer on my message and what to focus. Thank you so much for your dedication to this awesome group of content creators.”

Carina H.

In case we haven't met yet, I'm Hailey…

A turning point in my own relationship with content was a challenge I gave myself in year 2 which was to write 100 blog posts in 100 days (even if they never ended up seeing the light of day). 

This challenge (which I completed 1 day late) started off as a struggle but became something I looked forward to. And even more than that, I noticed how much easier content creation became – how much quicker, how much better and how much more enjoyable. 

This reinforced to me that content is better viewed as a habit rather than a whack-a-mole task on your to-do list that pops back up just as soon as you’ve completed it. 

After that, I created a business journaling practice to start off my work days where I tackle 1 piece of writing (or a section depending on how big the project is). This has helped me make major progress on big content goals (like a book, new courses, new funnels, monthly promotions) even if I didn’t have a whole lot of time to dedicate to them in my schedule—just 25 minutes a day. 

And from there, the Content Habit app was born.

Content Habit App - Your Content Empire - Hailey Dale - About me


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      Feeling awesome having a routine, system & strategy behind my content

      “Content is feeling easy and flowing with the structure and accountability in the membership! Feeling awesome having a routine, system & strategy behind my content and sharing my expertise with the world!”

      Sarah F.

      The Content Habit App - Your Content Empire - Testimonial - Sarah

      Start Your Daily Content Habit

      Pick the plan that's right for you. Cancel anytime.

      Most Accessible

      monthly payments


        Best Deal

        yearly payment (2 months free)


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