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To help you consistently create content, have plenty of time to do it and convert it into cash too.

Led by: Hailey Dale
Content Strategist, Funnel Builder, Gilmore Girls Superfan


You’ve been struggling with your content for awhile now.

In fact, these might hit a little close to home…

  • You have all these amazing ideas and best-laid plans for your content, but you haven’t sent anything out in weeks (err…. months) and you’re embarrassed that you haven’t been CONSISTENT.
  • You keep adding your content as a to-do item on your list, but you keep pushing it off, day after day. You just want to DO IT ALREADY.
  • You know how important it is to create content for your biz, but you just don’t have the TIME. Why aren’t there like 10 more hours in a day?! Can someone give a girl a time machine?

Enough with spinning your wheels and getting nowhere!

What if it didn’t have to be like this? Picture this, you:

Have a plan for your content instead of randomly thinking “Ohhh, I should write a post on this!” [facepalm]

Carve more time & energy to focus on your content—and it’s something you actually look forward to, rather than constantly putting it off until later #guilty

Actually get all of your content done ahead of time so you’re not trying to crank out a blog post while your toddler is hanging off of your shoulder.

Have a step-by-step, easy & automated content plan that you’ll sit down and actually, you know, DO.

Feel so excited about creating your content it’s like waking up on Christmas morning—presents, cookies, delightful surprises, oh my!

Ready to build a content empire that is

Consistent, Compelling & Completely Joyous?

Creating content is now planned, strategic, organized, and yes, easy.

“I was completely lost when it came to my content and how to make it work for me. Seriously, not even the crickets would show up! Thanks to Hailey, I went from a designer wondering where all my people were, to creating targeted content that not only attracts but shows my audience that I’m the expert and go to person! Creating content is now planned, strategic, organized, and yes, easy.”

– Yasmine Robles, Robles Design

For any online business owner who isn't seeing the traction they want for their business.

“I’ve had more interest and calls because of I’m able to put out more content, positioning me as an expert. I’d recommend Your Content, Your Empire for any online business owner who isn't seeing the traction they want for their business, who wants to create a system that brings them clients instead of constant hustling, and who wants to feel in control with their content delivery rather than second guessing and hoping for the best!”

– Sophie French, Sophie French Creative

Hi, I’m Hailey 👋

I help entrepreneurs save time, create content consistently, and get their message out into the world… while raking in lots of profits.

I don’t believe in spending a ton of time building your social media followers or getting booked as a guest on podcasts before creating a content strategy and providing a space for customers to get to know you and everything you do.

I’m particularly passionate about helping online business owners to build content empires.

We often have the heebie jeebies around “money talk” – but the more money we make as entrepreneurs, the more impact we get to make in the world.

My belief is that you should treat your content like an asset in your business. Building a content empire means that you are using your content in a smart & effective way, building a list of engaged and interested prospects who will be excited to buy from you!

When I’m not teaching awesome content strategy, you can find me binge-watching Gilmore Girls or snuggling my pup Mila.

Want my mentorship + support

In Building Your Content Empire?


Your Content, Your Empire


Your Content, Your Empire is a mentorship & online program for online business owners where you’ll learn how to consistently create your blog, newsletter, social media and other forms of content regularly and transform them into an automated sales system. 
  • You’ll learn the exact content process that I use for myself and with my 1:1 clients that has helped many of them go from a couple hundred dollars in sales per month to regular 5-figure months in less than 90 days. And they do it all without working to the bone, losing sleep, or burning out entirely. The Your Content, Your Empire program makes content creation stress-free and totally happy.
  • And this isn’t your typical online course or program, either. So don’t expect to sit back, watch hours of videos, do tons of “homework” and think maybe someday I’ll get around to actually using this. I don’t want you to keep consuming content, I want you to start creating your own.
  • All of the videos and templates are designed to get you CREATING and actually using what you learn in your business immediately. Plus, I’ll be whirling around the program, providing guidance, cheers, and answering all of your burning content questions. No student left behind. 😉


hire someone to create your content?

In my experience, when entrepreneurs jump too fast and hire someone to handle all of their content, things completely blow up… and not in a good way.

If you don’t have a strategic content system in place, you won’t understand what (and how) to delegate this work to the person you hire. Before long, your bank account and profits will dwindle, and you’ll be totally unsatisfied with the job they’ve done. You also lose trust and end up just doing it all yourself anyway.

I created the Your Content, Your Empire program to build the infrastructure of your business and empower you to grow and scale your biz the right way without wasting tons of money.

Your Content, Your Empire is perfect for people who want to DIY their content strategy, and those who eventually want to outsource this piece successfully.

This was the best money I’ve ever spent.

“Back in November, I enrolled in Hailey’s Your Content, Your Empire course. This course was incredible and I’ve literally said many times to people that it was the best money I’ve ever spent. I’ve seen more traffic to my site. More subscribers and sales I wouldn't have gotten had I not joined YCYE. Hailey has never asked me to give her a shout out or write a testimonial, I am doing this because I’ve been in business for 3 years and it was only since working with Hailey that I started to feel I could really a living out of my business – not just a hobby”

– Melissa Holloway, Melissa Holloway

My concrete results include having an online course out there in the world and a reliable system for selling it each week!

“Before Your Content, Your Empire I would record my podcast episodes the same day that I released them. I didn't put any offers on the podcast or link it to my website or any products that I sell. The course helped me focus on building and launching the Orgasmic Manifesting System (which was very successful!) I’ve started running facebook ads and leading a weekly webinar. My concrete results include having an online course out there in the world and a reliable system for selling it each week!”

– Laurie-Anne King, Orgasmic Manifesting System

Ready to build a content empire that is

Consistent, Compelling & Completely Joyous?

Inside You'll Get Instant Access to…

10 on-demand modules filled with video lessons, worksheets and templates that will help you stay consistent, carve time, and a blast actually creating your content. Pinky promise.

Weekly group coaching calls to get personalized feedback and advice from me. My eyeballs all over your content.
Weekly coworking sessions so that you can finally sit down and “just do it” together with accountability from other empire builders.

Exclusive, private Facebook Group (aka: Empire HQ) for connecting with other empire builders and getting feedback & support anytime.

Exciting bonuses like the Forever Funnel Kit (finally learn how to make funnels feel like getting red roses on Valentine’s Day) and the Content Empire Planning System and Planner (to help you rock your content empire on an annual, quarterly and monthly basis).
Lifetime access to the program, including once-a-year live rounds, as well as any updates.

Want my mentorship + support

In Building Your Content Empire?

Want to know more about what’s inside

Your Content, Your Empire?

Here’s the curriculum…

Module 0 - Content Empire Prep School

Create a strong organizational foundation for your content including your operations manual, content bank, digital filing system and measurement workflows.

Module 5 - Brilliant Blogging & Emails

Master your ‘owned’ content marketing by creating a sustainable and strategic blogging workflow and email marketing strategy that keeps your email list nurtured and gets your offer in front of them more regularly.

Module 1 - Your Sales Funnel Strategy

Map out your automated sales system so that you have a roadmap to follow when creating and pulling together all of the required pieces.

Module 6 - Savvy Social Media Systems

Tame the time-sucking beast that is social media by helping you get strategic about WHERE you’re showing up and build out systems to minimize the time it takes to build an audience on those social media platforms. Plus we’ll get your Pinterest set-up and optimized to be your #1 traffic source on autopilot.

Module 2 - Your Flagship Freebie System

Make a strategic decision on the best lead magnet for your audience and offer and then finish preparing that freebie from creation to design to delivery.

Module 7 - Genius Guesting Methods

Leverage the power of other people’s audiences through podcast interviews, guest blogging and collaborations by creating a system for designing and streamlining a pitch sprint.

Module 3 - Your Irresistible Offer System

Craft an offer your dream clients and customers can’t refuse by writing a follow-up email sequence to your freebie that gets them excited about taking the next step with you, plus setting up your complete funnel so by the end of this module you have a fully-functioning sales system.

Module 8 - Profitable Paid Advertising

Design and run a profitable paid advertising campaign to drive traffic to your funnel so that you can start scaling in a profitable way.

Module 4 - Your Funnel Traffic System

Design your overarching traffic strategy including an editorial calendar and marketing plan for the 3 levels of your sales system, plus crafting irresistible promotional copy and images.

Module 9 - Content Empire Maintenance

Keep up the momentum you’ve built throughout the program and keep it growing with systems for review, ongoing quarterly content strategies and systems updates.

Join for 30 Days – 100% Risk Free Trial

If you complete the first 3 modules and are not 100% satisfied, then you can simply send us your completed work and request a refund within the first 30 days. Full refund, no questions asked! See full terms here.

Ready to build a content empire that is

Consistent, Compelling & Completely Joyous?

Something on your mind?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - How much time do I have to be willing to invest to see success in the program?

Ultimately no program will ever work if you don’t create space for it in your calendar. The good thing about Your Content, Your Empire is that it’s a complete content marketing system – so instead of having to jump from course to course to learn individual pieces, you can focus on one program, in one place, to get everything you need to put this content marketing strategy & system into place. I’m all for streamlining and simplifying!

Q - What if I already have some pieces of my content marketing strategy in place?

I’d be surprised if you didn’t! If you have stuff that you’re excited about continuing to use then through this program we’ll look at them through the ‘content empire’ lens to see if small adjustments are needed or if they’re good to go as-is. Plus you’ll identify anything missing to fill holes in your content suite and be guided step-by-step to fill those gaps.

Q - Is this course for beginners to business?

I recommend that you have an offer – something to sell – before investing in Your Content, Your Empire.

I also recommend that you have a website before investing in this program. Your website certainly doesn’t need to be “perfect” – it just needs to exist and be a place where you can publish your content.

Q - How much 1-1 support do I get?

Like a group fitness class led by a certified trainer, you will be in a group setting but I will be “milling around the room” to fix your form (aka: strategy) and give you plenty of advice & encouragement. You can connect with me and other content empire builders inside our class Facebook Group as well as on our weekly group coaching calls and coworking sessions.

Q - Is it really risk free?

Yep! If you complete the first 3 modules within 30 days and don’t feel like the rest of the course will have anything to offer to you, simply send us your work and we’ll refund your entire investment.

Hailey's availability to us during the course was unmatchable to anything I have experienced in the online world.

“I already started promoting Your Content, Your Empire to anyone who remotely mentions the words: content, strategy, funnels! Everyone should have this course! Apart from the amazing content, I loved Hailey’s availability to us during the course was unmatchable to anything I have experienced in the online world. Not only was she available to answer any questions we had (and knowledgeable about it) but she went beyond even when we were asking questions not related to the topic at hand.”

– Maria-Ines Fuenmayor, Maria-Ines Fuenmayor Design Studio

Helped me to create a product and sales funnel that I'm over the moon excited about – and my clients are too!

“Before Your Content, Your Empire, I had lots of content, but was very unorganized. I didn't have strategies or systems in place for planning and implementing copy to attract clients and make more money. Now my editorial calendars went from sloppy to serious. My blogging has become much more focused. And the clarity I gained during the program about my own talents helped me to create a product and sales funnel that I'm over the moon excited about – and my clients are too! ”

– Dawn Mena, Captivating Copy

Want my mentorship + support

In Building Your Content Empire?

If you’re considering joining

Your Content, Your Empire

now is the time to take action.

I only run the “live round” of this program once a year, and the deadline to get in is September 28, 2020.

If you’re tired of not “doing it” when it comes to your content, or annoyed at your lack of consistency, this program will fix your woes forever.

I know you’re busy. I get it. But I’m here to give you your time back. You won’t have to cobble together advice from a bunch of different podcasts or “experts” any more. You’ll have an easy & actionable content strategy that you’ll actually implement.

I promise you… you’ll wish you started this program today 6 months from now.

I hope to see you inside Your Content, Your Empire… and help you build your empire, together.

xo, Hailey

Ready to build a content empire that is

Consistent, Compelling & Completely Joyous?

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