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How to Pull Together Blog Post ASAP

Sometimes you need a blog post, and you need it right away.

Maybe your editorial calendar is reminding you that you’re due to publishing tomorrow.

Maybe you own a guest post to someone else.

Maybe you just want to get ahead a little bit so you can have some content breathing room.

Any of these ringing a bell?

Either way, likely if you've been doing this online business thing for a while and you have been blogging and creating content for a while, you're going to run into a situation where you need to pull something together really quick or just not do anything at all.

Here are my top 10 favourite ways of pulling together a blog post very quickly ASAP without writing it from scratch:

1. Pull something from a paid offer or product

If you have a multi-module course or product with multiple sections, ask yourself if there's a particular lesson or even one specific exercise that you can pull out and write a blog post around that or just walk through how to use it and then have it transcribed.

2. Choose a freebie and dedicate a post to it

Along the same lines, do you have a freebie that you could write a walk-through on? Often, we create content upgrades or freebies but don't necessarily write a post that could be a companion to it. For every single freebie that you have created in your business, do you have a blog post dedicated as a sort of launchpad and another entryway to that freebie rather than just your landing page? Here's what you could include in that post: Why you want to use it, how to use it, so a walkthrough of it and some potential applications, so the benefits of using it and what it could mean in their life or business.

3. Mine Your Responses in Facebook Groups

This works for any forums where you’re interacting with potential clients or other business owners (even if it isn’t your group) and answering questions about your area of expertise. I know for myself especially at the beginning of my business, I spent so much of my time in Facebook groups responding to people's content and sales funnel questions. So many of those responses were lost until I added it to my content bank and archiving process. If you want to create your own content bank for capturing these responses, click here to read my blog post all about putting together and maintaining la content bank. You can go back to these groups at any time that you’ve been a contributing member of and search for your name to see where you’ve participated to see if any of these fit for a blog post.

4. Compile or Expand on MicroBlogs

If you're actively using Instagram or your Facebook page, chances are that you have a trove of content already. Sure, it's in shortened form, but you could compile multiple posts together or expand upon a couple of juicy ones to form a blog post. I have a few clients who are major Insta-people. They're entirely dedicated to building up an engaged audience. And it's funny because they'll often have resistance to blogging, thinking that they couldn't possibly blog consistently.  And usually, don't realize they're already “blogging” through their Instagram posts. So do you have any beefy Instagram post or do you have a few along a similar topic that you can string together into a blog post?

5. Compile or Expand on MicroBlogs

If you're actively using Instagram or your Facebook page, chances are that you have a trove of content already. Sure, it's in shortened form, but you could compile multiple posts together or expand upon a couple of juicy ones to form a blog post.

6. Send Videos to Be Transcribed

Another option is to gather any videos that you've recorded – think courses, think guest expert spots, think coaching calls, consider interviews, think Facebook/Instagram lives. Send those to be transcribed. One of my clients has done a lot of press for her book – we're able to send all of those interviews for transcription and create a post out of each question she's answered. It's a win-win, she's ready to pour her time into getting more press, and we're able to use it for her content strategy simultaneously.

7. Interview Yourself

If you have a specific topic in mind that you need a post created about – think of 5 questions around the topic. Turn on a voice recorder and merely answer each of the questions. Send them to Rev.com or Temi.com for transcription. You may feel a little silly talking to yourself, but welcome to the club – you’re not alone 😉 A few notes:

  • When you’re recording, make sure to read each question before answering so you can easily navigate the transcription.
  • Don’t worry about all the ums and likes. Most transcription services won’t put them in.  

Another way to make this work is to ask a business friend, VA or even partner (I rope my husband in frequently) to interview you or just have a conversation around the topic.

8. Go Undercover for Questions to Answer

If on the other hand, you’re stuck for inspiration, head on over to Facebook groups where your audience hangs out and search for questions (using keywords) that people have around those topics. Then with your post, you have focused on merely answering the question. You could even respond afterward on the thread with “I've actually just written a blog post on this very question. Here's a summary….” or link to your post if that’s allowed in the group.

9. Go Undercover for Questions to Answer

Another blog post you can pull together relatively quickly is a roundup post.   Pick a theme and pull together your favourite resources on it. One that I did recently was my Busy Business Owner’s Guide to Money which was a roundup of my top recommendations for books, tools, blog posts and content with a few sentences explaining each one and giving credit to whoever created them. You could even send them a quick email letting them know how much you love their resource and that you’ve included it in your roundup post with a link in case they want to share it.

10. Guest Blog Swap

Do you have a business friend who is in a similar boat to you where they need a post ASAP, but they don't have one together? It might be an opportunity for you each to take something you've already written and published it on each other's websites. It’s a double whammy – you get a post covered and get introduced to a new audience X 2 (because your friend is getting the same perks!)

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