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Get More Clients from Your Content – Part 7

Part 7 of the 7-day system to get more clients from your content brings everything together into the most important activity you can possibly do to generate more sales in your business – following up. We touched on it a little bit in part 5 but today is all about the direct follow-up to anyone who’s expressed interest and the easy way to ask for referrals. Nervous about it? Don’t worry I’ll show exactly how to do it without feeling awkward.

This isn’t exactly a newsflash, but most people aren’t comfortable with sales or following up. Or asking for referrals. You should be mega proud of yourself if you’ve completed the past 6 days of the 7-day system. And truth is, every time you do these activities they get just a tad bit easier and you get a tad (or a ton) more confidence.

So here we go – today we’re going to be following up with everyone who you’ve been in touch with over the previous 6 days (hopefully by using your handy lead tracker from day 3) and then using some easy tools for getting referrals. Like the other days, I promise to make this as easy as painting by numbers.

About this Series

This is a 7-part series that’ll take you through the steps of gaining at least 1 client in as little as 7 days. It does take work – but these things should. So if you’ve been struggling to get new clients (or your first client), this series is for YOU!

From part 1 to refresh your memory:

Over the past few months, I’ve been trying an experiment with a few of my service-based, private clients: How can we use content in 7 days or less to get them more clients (at least 1). What I loved about this experiment is that it’s super measurable – 7 days + At least 1 client. It’s very easy to tell if we’ve succeeded or not.

But what I loved most? The process worked exactly as it should in every single case so far…

Private Client A: 2 new clients

Private Client B: 1 new client (even though her sales cycle is usually super long)

Private Client C: 2 new clients and she had to turn another 1 away because she was at capacity

The complaint I get the most is that people think it takes forever for content to start “working” (meaning that their efforts start bringing them real business and sales). So I wanted to come up with a 7-Step System to get you clients right away from your content.

And I was blown away by the results my clients experienced (Important to note though – they did the work and really showed up in implementing these steps. If you aren’t willing to do the work, don’t expect the steps to work!)

I’m so excited for the chance to share these steps with you through these series and to see your results! I’ll be covering 1 set of steps per post, but if you follow along and implement these steps, I have no doubt you’ll see result too.

Following Up

There are at least 2 types of leads that you’ve collected on your tracker (see part 3) – those who you can tell are REALLY interested in what you can do for them and those who are a little curious. It makes sense then that we wouldn’t follow up with these leads in the same way.

So step 1 of the follow-up system is to rank your leads on your tracker from warm to hot-hot-hot. Besides just approaching these connections in different ways, we can also prioritize the order that we reach out in.

Hot Connections

Once you’ve ranked your connections, send a follow-up email to everyone who you ranked to be anywhere from hot to hot-hot-hot. Use the email below as a template for reaching out

Warm Connections

For every connection you’ve ranked as medium’ish, you want to follow up a little less formally. The goal of this follow-up is to be generous and nurture the relationship. This one activity will grow your business faster than anything else you could do.

Here’s why: Think about all of those people you come into contact with – maybe in groups or at conferences, maybe in passing on Twitter. You have a really positive interaction, you check out their profile and they seem really interested. You’re psyched by this potential new connection.

What usually happens though? Well usually you’ll walk away and probably never think about them again – or if you do, you definitely won’t follow up. By mastering this step – you’ll open doors that most people just walk by because you’ll be one of those super successful entrepreneurs who doesn’t waste the most valuable resource in businesses (and it isn’t money or time – although who doesn’t need more of both) – relationships.

So with your medium’ish leads, you simply want to reach out and help them (share a resource that made you think of them, answer a question you saw them ask, offer to help them promote something).

Here are a couple of samples:

Hey [Name]! I really enjoyed chatting the other day and came across this resource that made me think of [something you talked about]. Here you go: [link, name of resource]. Talk soon!

Hi [Name]! I was thinking about your [their service or freebie or content] and thought it’d be a good fit for my [readers or customers]. I’ll share it with them! Is there any other way I can help you promote it?

Anyways you get the point. The key is to be generous and keep the conversation (and relationship) growing. You never know what sort of doors this type of follow-up will open!

Take action on following up:

  • Feeling ambitious? Reach out to everyone on your tracker
  • Feeling so-so ambitious? Reach out to your hot to hot-hot-hot leads. Within the next couple of days however, reach out to your other connections as well.


Referrals are one of the biggest untapped resources I see in the majority of businesses I work with. And usually, referrals are the best types of clients.

Who to ask for referrals and how to ask them:

Friends & Family

Ask about them, give them an update on what you’re doing in your business and ask them to share your website or email with anyone they know who needs what you’re doing

Past Clients

Follow up on how things are going, let them know why referrals are important to you (your best clients come from referrals – and that  makes sense since the best people often surround themselves with other best people), ask them to send anyone your way who could benefit from your services (you can also offer something – like a future discount or a complimentary follow-up session)

Referral Generating Partnership

There are probably people that you know who have similar businesses whose offers are complimentary to your own. Reach out to them and let them know that you think you could both benefit each other.

Some variations of ways to set up a referral partnership:

  • Send people to each other (just make sure things stay balanced)
  • Arrange an affiliate agreement (% of sale or credit)
  • Set up a JV (joint venture) – maybe it’s a package including both of your services. You both market it and split the profits.

Take action: Choose one of these referral types (friends/family, past clients or colleagues) and reach out to at least 3 about getting referrals.


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